Dr. Yeadon, David Martin seems to have gotten the message. His latest talk in Switzerland concurs with your information, which BTW, is what I’ve been telling people since Day One as well. Medical school Immunology and Virology 101.

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I think it was a novel virus because it was tweaked in a wuhan lab to synthesize a virus not found in nature.

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There is something real that the doctors have been fighting, the good ones who see the truth, that this is a controlled demolition. So whether we call it a virus or a bioweapon, Kory and the crew are now connected worldwide through the FLCCC and the WCH, and American Frontline doctors saving lives and spreading the truth. Arguing over nomenclature can wait until peace breaks out. Opening eyes is the challenge.

Unfortunately it will take an even worse threat to break the hypnosis. Short of grabbing our oblivious companions by the throat and shaking them, I’m unsure of the best way forward. We’re all in this together. Let’s not be divided.

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David Martin is well aware there was no pandemic. He believes they made the virus. There was definitely a virus. I had it. I had a headache and weird electric shocks running down my legs a couple nights, difficulty sleeping, brain fog then list smell....completely for about 2 weeks. If it wasn't Covid what was it??

I do agree It should be called a pandemic with or without a virus it was planned and if we had done nothing we would have had far fewer deaths. Most deaths occurred from hospital protocols!!! That's why Rancourt's analysis looks the way it does. They created fear, people got sick then ran to the hospital where they were killed.

I do agree they should stop using their words for everything. There was a pandemic in which they unleashed a bioweapon and then used a gene therapy-based countermeasure.

They are making rounds using things Malone & Kirsch did in the past to make them appear to be controlled opposition. I can't think of anything more ridiculous! They are like metals that have been red-pilled. I have followed Malone since April 2020. I've watched him wake up. He was clueless at first. They were just sucked in to the propaganda like half the country. That does not make them controlled op. It's ridiculous!

Thanks for all you do!!

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That is definitely the way to handle it Dr. Yeadon, very well done! Professional, cordial, and to the point without any accusations, respectful. You are truly a gentleman and a scholar.

Dr. Malone is certainly one of the early whistleblowers and because of his position and knowledge was a major threat to the dark stakeholders. I fear he is being strongly manhandled. No doubt he would like to be just left alone on his ranch. Look what they have done to all of the other whistleblowers. I pray that he will get the support and protection to speak truth as he must.

Prayers for you and for Dr. Malone and all who are determined to stand and fight on the side of God against Satan and all his minions, human and other. Jesus has already won the battle for all who call on his name. We certainly have the victory in God, 'God wins', but it is a terrible and horrific war with so very many innocent casualties.

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Interesting that Dr. Yeadon believes there was no pandemic. I don't know enough to say anything. I do know the weird loss of smell - which told me as a layperson it was manufactured. Does anyone have thoughts on the early coverage and claims that blood was coming out of every orifice? I recall WSJ videos of nurses crying at the 'onslaught' and the blood everywhere. One tearfully got in her car and said,' f people who don't believe.' Was this already made propaganda? I had been a subscriber of the WSJ, as well as the LA Daily Journal (which had done great work on the 'rehab scam' made possible by Obama Care that allowed unregulated businesses to offer rehab. It is why LA and San Fran are the sh*&%holes that they are.) Both papers had dissenting voices early on by Dr. Ladapo and others, but those were soon quashed - by April I believe. The new insanity of CA is that the death of children will happen in other states if they are sterilized/mutilated. (It is the new Emergency.) I remember when the Liberals were angry that women were mutilating their daughters for religious/cultural reasons. Now they advocate for it.

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Just checking back:

It seems some 6 weeks have passed since Mike Yeadon magnanimously wrote this perfectly reasonable open letter. Has there been any response from Dr. Malone? If not, does this not tell us all we need to know about him?

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I can attest to the testing and development of clostridium botulinum for nefarious uses.

I was vaccinated for some time during the years of 1962-64 so that I could work on a project for a government entity for purposes which I was not “involved” in nor would I know where I was to go and who I was, for I had no ID

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Jun 15, 2023·edited Jun 15, 2023

Both things can be true. There can be an engineered virus and a diabolical plan to poison the populace.

What caused people to get a respiratory illness with high fever, fatigue and loss of taste and smell well before the jab ever rolled out? I know many who got those symptoms, between March and November, 2020. There was no jab then.

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Jun 13, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Malone started out by amplifying a 'tip-off' from his friend Michael Callahan, a CIA agent in China. That raises questions to begin with. I have long been a sceptic about the lab leak theory, which looks suspiciously like a sophisticated exercise in deception.

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Pleading with Malone is like pleading with any other government agent - because he is NOT on "our" side, and he never was. Its a waste of time. But bless Dr Yeaden for still thinking there is good in these people, I guess. I frankly saw through his "sweet old grandpa" facade from the very beginning. Something didn't sit right with me and the fact that he was working with these products for YEARS - its impossible to ignore the harm which has been known & published for at least the 20+ years we've been experimenting with them. Then you stumble on the various deep dives other people have done on him and it confirms what you already felt in your gut - he is A BAD GUY.

I adore Mike Yeadon though, and I cant fault him for wanting to see the good in people, and for trying to appeal to their humanity (if they have any left? I personally think Malone is a CIA- trained actor & asset, so he is good at playing a character). But unlike Mike, and others, I have given up trying to reason with bad evil people.... ive even given up on trying to reason with normies who sadly still haven't figured out the greatest (yet perhaps most obvious?) Psy-op the world has ever seen.

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Thank you Dr. Yeadon for all you do!

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More to the point: ALL the viral RNA products feature the off-label use of 40 year old cell transfection reagents to infect healthy cells in multiple organ systems with viral genes, with all the predictable immunological consequences of a sudden, widely-disseminated viral infection, not detected until the “too late now” viral replication phase.

What this guy should be asking Robert Malone is, “Dr. Malone, you and others of your group of critics have used these cell transfection reagents in your research for decades. You and they know that using them to infect people with viral genes is criminally-insane behavior. You have known all about this primary mechanism of action since before Pfizer and the others ever announced their “vaccines.” And yet you have been as conspicuously silent about it as the producers of the products. It’s totally obvious why they are tight-lipped. It’s a complete mystery why you have refrained from talking about the primary mechanism of action responsible for all the rest of the trouble coming from these non-vaccine artificial viruses the companies have already introduced between 1-5 times into more than 5.62 billion people.”

And I know this because I, too, have used these cell transfection reagents over the course of my doctorate and post-doctoral fellowship and, as soon as I heard “viral RNA,” I knew exactly what was involved and able to predict much of what has come to pass as unintended (yet utterly predictable) outcomes of the products. I’ve known and have talked about it for years. There’s no good reason Malone and the rest have not.

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Robert Malone is the only one who believes SARS CoV-2 is a novel virus. He also came up with a fairytale how dead viruses come alive when they infect the host to steal the host's machinery to replicate and then "make a decision" whether to kill the host or not.

Malone should be writing sci-fi books ;-)

Watch this video at 13 min mark if you like science fiction by Robert Malone:


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