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…love the way you closed out! The last few paragraphs….they give words to our intuition! Thank you

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There seems to be a correlation with book smart intelligence and the susceptibility to brainwashing. People who process their world thru the lens of common sense, are much less susceptible to brainwashing.

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This is great thanks. Messing with our DNA as promoted by techno biology enthusiasts and most of modern science (recent Nobel prizes, etc.) is a really bad idea - needless to say to this crowd. These folks do not have a firm enough grip on reality to be operating as dog catcher let alone mainstream "science".


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Many Christian scholars believe that when the fallen angels mated with women & created monsters/giants in the world, that it was satans plan to pollute the DNA that God gave us.

It’s why God only saved Noah & his family because their DNA was not mixed with satan’s fallen angels corrupted DNA.

Now satan has never stopped trying to destroy humans (because God loves us) & satan knows his time is short & the Bible says: “Nothing is new under the sun”, satan is using evil people to corrupt our DNA & to Steal, Kill & Destroy Christianity & Christians worldwide.

Satan has power over people who worship him & we know the Antichrist is going to show up as an “Angel of light” & perform some “lying signs & wonders” to fool a lot of people, including many people who call themselves Christians.

I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the OWO-NWO by the richest people on earth who almost all belong to the WEF, WHO & UN.

They will not stop trying to depopulate as many as they can, especially in Red States & Red areas in Blue states & especially those who have a Real Relationship with Jesus & the Jews.

I believe the Rapture will happen soon & then there will be MASSIVE CHAOS in the world.

I did not take the Covid shots & will never take another vaccine or flu shot.

God bless everyone who is fighting for Jesus & His Truth, Love & Light.

He is the ONLY Way.

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Mankind, running before we can walk... I didn't take the vaccine as there were too many unanswered questions. The deaths from the vaccine are increasing and we don't know why, that is so scary, these drugs should not still be on the market.

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Absolutely astounding that God still loves us all!

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Watson and Crick seem to have unleashed the code of molecular life, and men play God with it. At our peril.

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And Pfizer and FDA knew before rolling out the shots in late December 2020. Remember this Injury List? The one the FDA requested be classified for 75 years? https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2kujWi-8ANCyhNlS9JF_qAuRMs78CoXKdtOIdp9cUFHLiJlOr1V4rNd6Q

Scroll to page 31.

I will list just the autoimmune injuries they knew of BEFORE the roll out.

Autoantibody positive;

Autoimmune anaemia; Autoimmune aplastic anaemia; Autoimmune arthritis; Autoimmune blistering

disease; Autoimmune cholangitis; Autoimmune colitis; Autoimmune demyelinating

disease; Autoimmune dermatitis; Autoimmune disorder; Autoimmune

encephalopathy; Autoimmune endocrine disorder; Autoimmune enteropathy; Autoimmune eye

disorder; Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia; Autoimmune heparin-induced

thrombocytopenia; Autoimmune hepatitis; Autoimmune hyperlipidaemia; Autoimmune

hypothyroidism; Autoimmune inner ear disease; Autoimmune lung disease; Autoimmune

lymphoproliferative syndrome; Autoimmune myocarditis; Autoimmune myositis; Autoimmune

nephritis; Autoimmune neuropathy; Autoimmune neutropenia; Autoimmune

pancreatitis; Autoimmune pancytopenia;Autoimmune pericarditis; Autoimmune

retinopathy; Autoimmune thyroid disorder; Autoimmune thyroiditis; Autoimmune

uveitis; Autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis; Autoinflammatory disease.

We can expect to see more autoimmune injuries in the coming years.

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Genesis 1:27 ... I wouldn’t make any adjustments, if u know what I mean . ☺️

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Covid Vax addiction is real. At least the addicted gambler, drug addict or alcoholic, knows they should abstain but, they can’t.

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Good point.

I can’t help but think my Pain Doctor, for example, knows the terrible mistake he’s made and perhaps thinks by keeping the injections coming, he’s somehow preventing what he’s seeing happening in other ClotShotters.

A treadmill that keeps speeding up but you can never outrun.

These medical people who were duped into taking it know the score but what can they do at this point?

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Just one more shot

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Addicted? Not a real physical addiction surely?

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It is just the beginning too. Turbo cancers are now a thing. Once diagnosed, you die in weeks or months. These are future excess death figures yet to be counted. Then there is the sudden heart attack from adrenaline spikes, therefore, the athlete's deaths.

One massive crime scene. Yet, so many don't see it?

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I suspect when all is said and done, the DNA experimenters will discover to their shock and chagrin, that winged unicorns won't fart rainbows.

Not ever.

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