You are absolutely correct. How many people have seen this article, written in 1981 by freemason Jacques Attali?

"The Idiots Will Go To The Slaughterhouse On Their Own" - Jacques Attali (1981)

August 23, 2021



Jose Ortega: The World We Live In




Jacques Attali is a Jewish Freemason, Bilderberger.

French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser, and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991 and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 1991-1993.

This is what Jacques Attali said to Michael Salomon in 1981, who was then advisor to Francois Mitterand:

Jacques Attali (1981):

“In the future, it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as it exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than he produces and costs society dearly, then the weak and then the useless who do nothing for society because there will be more and more of them, and especially the stupid ones.

Euthanasia targeting these groups, euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good.

Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human-machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to run intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.

We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.

The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

L'avenir de la vie (The Future of Life) - Michel Salomon interviews with Jacques Attali, Les visages de l'avenir collection, `editions Seghers..., (1981)

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The. vax injuries have been bad, but why haven’t they been more widespread if this is all true?

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He forgot to implicate the US Dept of Defense and US Justice Department. Prison is too good for these criminals

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Heart attacks, cancer, miscarriages, 3 years off lives of the vaxxed - and that's just from vaccines

Diabetes, obesity, dangerous medicines - and that's just from Big Pharma

Depression, suicidal tendencies, confusion, loss of parental rights-and that's just from transgenderism

Loss of employment, homes, homes, break-up of families - and that's just from Biden's economy

Fear, terror, hopelessness, censorship - and that's just from the media

No heat in winter, no A/C in summer - and that's just from Net Zero

Chemical sickness, rashes, evacuations - and that's just from unnatural disasters

Loss of religion, loss of property, of standard of living, mind control - and that's just from WEF

And there's more in each category, and more categories.  Welcome to the (Old) New World Order

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Heart attacks, cancer, miscarriages, 3 years off lives of the vaxxed - and that's just from vaccines.Diabetes, obesity, dangerous medicines - and that's just from Big PharmaToxicity, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis , arthritis - and that's just from chemical in food supplyDepression, suicidal tendencies, confusion, loss of parental rights-and that's just from transgenderismLoss of employment, homes, homes, break-up of families - and that's just from Biden's economyFear, terror, hopelessness, censorship - and that's just from the mediaNo heat in winter, no A/C in summer - and that's just from Net ZeroChemical sickness, rashes, evacuations - and that's just from unnatural disastersLoss of religion, loss of property, of standard of living, mind control - and that's just from WEFAnd there's more in each category, and more categories.  Welcome to the (Old) New World Order

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Whilst I agree with your assessment on vaccines and genetic sequences, see Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner for PCR. I disagree with your view that there is no pandemic virus. Here’s the thing, most people are hard working and busy raising a family and they conflate DNA vaccines like smallpox and Polio with RNA vaccines. There has NEVER been an RNA vaccine and will never be one. That is why no Dengue vaccine no Chikungunya vaccine, no HIV vaccine, no Nipah vaccine, no Ebola vaccine, No SARS vaccine, no MERS vaccine, yet people rely on magical thinking to suppose we can magic up such a vaccine at warp speed. Dr. Fauci has promised an HIV vaccine for 40 years. When I ask doctors about this, they just shrug their shoulders, as though facts don’t matter any more. Here is the question that needs an answer; where do the trillion LNP we inject in peoples arms end up? There has been no tropism tests by Pfizer, so they are clueless. Remember LNP are build for endurance and they can enter cells and the nucleus, do we had better know where they end up. That’s no magical thinking, that’s self-survival!

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Thank you for all the information you supply to us.

I would be scared to death if I didn’t believe that Jesus is returning soon & that we belong to the Kingdom of God & not the corrupt kingdom of this world.

We who have been blessed to have religious freedom forget that there are Christians in other countries that are martyred for their faith in Jesus.

I pray we can overcome the evil & save more people before the evil NWO elites take over every country.

I pray for everyone who reads this that you & your family are saved, blessed & safe.


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I am! And thank you for your witness and acknowledgment of the Truth! Jesus is Lord…and someday soon He will reign!😊

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So if covid 19 is a fraud, what did i get sick with for 1 month last month (i never get sick, in 43 years)? I had all the symptoms they list covid 19 as having. I was just imagining it?

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Millions of illnesses have ‘Covid’ symptoms! You probably had the good old fashioned flu, for one!!!

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Oh, great. More armchair psychology poorly disguised as the Real Deal & what a surprise, all you sheeple falling for it. This entire newsletter is Old News.

Here: over a year ago, yet over a year into the fraud, Albertan Health Minister Deena Hinshaw ADMITTED IN COURT that Covid didn't exist https://rumble.com/vkorz0-freedom-fighter-court-victory-ends-masking-shots-quarantine-in-alberta.html.

Yet the very next week she returned to lying to the public.

Now: what "dragon" do you believe SHE told herself she was defeating by returning back to lying to the public?

There's nor "dragon to defeat" in these people's minds. It's about Conformity. They are fighting down the urge to realize that Mommy & Daddy-Government Are Lying, not dispelling any actual threat to anything but their own infantile psyche.

You cannot end this fraud any way other than holding the people perpetuating it accountable. & you will all continue avoiding NAMING the people responsible forever. Even if I write down here that Tony Fauci nor Bill Gates can possibly affect or vote on policy, SOMEONE is going to name someone other than "Our Politicians" as responsible.

Politicians aren't forwarding harmful agendas that could affect their getting reelected for free. Accepting private corporate $ while in public office is illegal for exactly this reason, despite the passing of Citizens United, as the articles of impeachment against Trump reminded you all. So you HAVE all the legal power you need to end lobbying.

But doing so requires acknowledging that your politicians are corrupt. & for some reason beyond sanity, you instead see Your Politicians as you Mommies and Daddies & can't ACCEPT the fact that they are indeed corrupt.

Can NONE of you grow tf up?

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If you got these toxic substances, then your body fought against it and that is of course connected with illness - if not, there are thousand other reasons... I invite you to look around a little at my substack-side....

The victims of these toxic substances will run into the millions (it is criminal that many countries suppress everything and sweep it under the carpet!!) – here are some of them:





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Nope, never vaxxed. Been home alone for 2+ years, never had the flu,& never get sick w colds or anything really. I got a bronchial infection, bacterial, maybe 1 time every 5 years or so. I had every symptom listed for covid for over 1 month, fever flr 1 week. It was worst i have ever been sick, & only go to the grocery store 1 time per week, so I'm not even around anyone that often. It's hard to believe that was just coincidence flr me, but ofc a stranger on the internet won't change anyone's mind.

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I'm coming around to the Terrain Theory of Viruses. Body disposes of toxins and you feel sick. It's your immune system working. You don't "catch it" as such - like a bacterial bug - but people synchronise in dumping toxins in a similar fashion to woman synching menstrual cycles when they live in very close proximity.


Makes more sense to me at least.

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I give you here only once 1 example(there are x-examples for it!): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6025786/ "Technological devices have become essential components of daily life. However, their deleterious effects on the body, particularly on the nervous system, are well known. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have various chemical effects, including causing deterioration in large molecules in cells and imbalance in ionic equilibrium. Despite being essential for life, oxygen molecules can lead to the generation of hazardous by-products, known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), during biological reactions. These reactive oxygen species can damage cellular components such as proteins, lipids and DNA. Antioxidant defense systems exist in order to keep free radical formation under control and to prevent their harmful effects on the biological system. Free radical formation can take place in various ways, including ultraviolet light, drugs, lipid oxidation, immunological reactions, radiation, stress, smoking, alcohol and biochemical redox reactions. Oxidative stress occurs if the antioxidant defense system is unable to prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Exposure to EMF is known to increase free radical concentrations and traceability and can affect the radical couple recombination. The purpose of this review was to highlight the impact of oxidative stress on antioxidant systems."

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But you already know how the human organism works to keep itself healthy, don't you?

That every human being, young or old, is daily confronted with free radicals and toxins from the environment, even at home, and that every year, when the organism has to change from a warm to a cold season or vice versa, it comes to an oxidative/intracellular stress(ROS), thereby the person excretes more dead cells/cell debris than the rest of the year(it’s the same every year, that’s why the same nucleic acid snippets were found in wastewater samples already in 2018 and if you went back even further in the years, they would also certainly be found - so there was absolutely nothing new and THAT is the big lie of the WHO, the mainstream and the politicians with their henchmen) and that this is associated with disease patterns in some people depending on their condition, is also logical, but to be sick means that the defense of the organism is working and to be sick is an act of maintaining the health of the organism!! read more here(with studies)


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I, too, got very sick with COVID. And I can assure you it felt like nothing natural that I’ve ever felt in ANY illness I have ever had, including flu. It felt exactly as if I had a poison running through my body. I never felt anything

Like it before. In my opinion, it is obviously a man made something.

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This makes two of us. I had Covid in the summer of 2021. I had never before been so weak. How could this not be man made?

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Aug 6, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

You were poisoned with a man made bioweapon.

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I don't doubt that, but they were saying it was fake/didn't exist, not that it just wasn't caused by nature.

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We must organize a lawful, and Constitutionally protected march, from the offices of the CDC, to the headquarters of CNN. All vaccine injured, all affected by mandates. There’s MILLIONS of us. Make it so they CANT ignore us. Make it so they’re FORCED to hear us. The world protests and Americans are dying by the thousands and no one’s doing anything.


For the injured who need compensation.

For the unemployed who were unjustly tossed aside.

For our children.

For the principals of this nation and the men who died defending them.


Pick a date.


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Actually, I have a better idea. What do I mean by "better?" 1) We march & tell the people who are mandating what they & we know are harmful policies. 2) Why would they change those policies when only keeping them insures that they continue to get paid http://allaregreen.us/?

I mean, who do you think will reject those extra millions of $ FIRST? Pelosi? Ted Cruz? Mitch McConnell?

2) By keeping the fantasy that 'Government Protects US" alive, we insure that they can reject US every single time as they have for decades now. So,

3) Instead of begging them to create protections FOR us & being allowed to refuse to for $ every single time, why don't we create them ourselves, then watch as the public, desperately wanting such a thing supports its success?

If done right, it can presented to them in a way that doesn't even trigger their fears of politicians seeking retribution against them. This can be done under the radar, anonymously until it grows too big for even them to stop.

Care to discuss?

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It's pointless to engage in conspiracies. If it's truly a conspiracy, then everyone is in on it but the theorists, so nothing changes. If they're wrong, then their complaints won't fix anything, so nothing changes. Better to focus on things we can fix, and concentrate our efforts on those.

The fetish of denying existence of viruses is particularly ridiculous. Or maybe they accept viruses but deny they make some people sick. In either case, there's plenty of evidence for those who want to understand.

The insanity of their obsessions is demonstrated by their tactic of blaming their problems on "globalists" or "elites." Yes, the world is full of evil people, but most of them can't affect us unless we accept their attacks. Their only power is bribery. As Stalin said of the Pope, "How many divisions do they have?" (HINT: zero.)

The people causing the problems are elected politicians, whom we selected to rule us, and who remain in power only as long as we allow. If your rulers don't suit you, take action to replace them. Problem solved. It begins in November. It's important that we all learn to manage our rulers. All our current problems are entirely due to our complacency. If globalists become a problem, our rulers have plenty of drones.

We have plenty of real problems. We don't need to invent more.

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The head of this snake consists of UNELECTED males.

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If thats so, we should stop them. Elections are not only with ballots. We elect to tolerate bad behavior, or not. We'll get around to punishing them eventually. Not yet, so they punish us instead. It's always a choice.

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Hoover and Kennedy, separately, had very similar quotes

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The contemporary world like the ones before our time is determined by social forces and social hypnosis. Some will live in obedience to hypnosis and suffer. Others will not. Difficult to know in daily life how socially this pans out. If hundreds of millions die from injections we will be lied to.

Already we understand we are never going home again but the changed world requires us to change direction. We must BE the change.

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The human race is going to proceed in one of two directions. 1) In one view stands the gateway to the abyss, the dismantling of everything that we even "think" of as human, and the ushering in of a global worldwide enslavement. 2) The other path presents us with rebellion, the death of the "Great Narrative," and maybe even Judgement Day for all those involved. We'll find out together.

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Most people don't need a path, just a remote to see what's on Netflix next.

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Aug 5, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Supporting this excellent post with a statement and useful links.

There is an evil predator globalist technocratic elite agenda of eugenics/depopulation/genocide using bioweapon poison jabs, war, EMF radiation, starvation and economic collapse - THE GREAT RESET/AGENDA 2030/4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to get rid of billions of 'useless eaters' and to use nano tech to turn the survivors into ROBOTIZED COMPLIANT SLAVES! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY! These are psychopath megalomaniacs who want to play god by turning all life into digitized metaverse mechanistic synthetic biology to be manipulated by their AI algorithms. A more demonic sickening idea is nearly impossible to imagine!

















Pam Popper: https://makeamericansfreeagain.com

Del Bigtree: https://www.brighteon.com/channels/highwire


Naomi Wolf: https://dailyclout.io



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Thanks. More than sufficient evidence over the past few years making clear where we have been headed. Time to turn it all around.

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Yoga is from dark eastern "religions"

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So is math. Works the same for everyone.

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Math is from east. Not eastern pseudo religions.

I have problems with all false religions, so I'm not picking on east. Yoga happens to come from pseudo religions of east

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Yoga is just a physiological and mental exercise regimen. Whether some religious people also use it is irrelevant to whether I use it. Practitioners of pseudo religions also wear shoes. Likewise irrelevant whether I do. We should decide how to act based on what works for us, not how it works for others.

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Aug 6, 2022·edited Aug 6, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

I agree with everything you say Amy. But as a Christian I do not agree with Yoga as it opens your mind to the spirit world which is NOT the true God, Jesus Christ.

Yes, Covid is nothing but a LIE.....a BIG LIE!!! The majority of Americans has been conditioned to believe this lie and this conditioning (brainwashing) is getting WORSE. I see it everywhere I go (I travel for a living). I'm seeing more and more people wearing those STUPID face diapers again. Our WORTHLESS government and media are already hyping this queer disease aka Monkey virus. They say there are more and more Covid cases again, but this is nothing more than the vaccinated getting sick from the Clot Shots.

Know this........Normal is NOT coming back, but Jesus Christ IS!!!!!!!

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Dear Russ,

I am NOT a Christian, but I have no problem with what you believe - that's fine!

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Write a newsletter, even 1 post A month

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So what are you gonna do about it? Tantrums don't work.

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Aug 6, 2022·edited Aug 6, 2022

Ditch the damned phones and the damned QR codes and go back to landlines or 'dumb' flip phones and use CASH as much as possible. Insist on CASH!

Be more like myself. Eat organic food, get daily exercise and fresh air - DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR!

Amazing Amy: Eccentric Yoga Entertainer! My very existence being who and what I am is what I am doing about it. Fighting the predator globalist technocrat total slavery agenda one performance at a time.

As an entertainer, I have been devastated and practically destroyed by the closure of all performance venues and then when they reopened, because MY BODY, MY CHOICE - being made a total untermenschen pariah outcast in NAZI NIGHTMARE LAWLESS 'SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS' JAB CROW APARTHEID/DISCRIMINATION/SEGREGATION HELL NYC WHERE THE MAD/DRUNK WITH POWER TYRANT POLS DOUBLE DOWN ON THEIR ILLEGAL MANDATES. I am trapped here with zero financial resources to leave or do anything else about this 'wish I were dead' endless misery life has become. The tragic irony is that my SPREAD THE YOGA LOVE performances are all about health, miraculously overcoming age (67) and injury to achieve feats of flexibility few can attain at any age. So BIG PHARMA who wants to addict every person on the planet to their toxic products hate people like me who prove that we do not need them if we eat healthy organic food and exercise daily!


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I don't think phones or qr codes are causing your problems.

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My statement about that is advice on how to resist the globalist predator technocrat total slavery agenda.

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If you don't realize that sounds nuts, you should begin testing your fears. You'll find out most of them are t real.

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This is all almost too much to bear on some days...hard to hold when so many around me don't, won't or can't believe. So many are still asleep. Then I realize the truth of all of this also makes these truths evident - this is Biblical. God is real. Jesus is real.

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