I can't see what else these Olympic game events would be. This stuff is not from normal creative people. It is down right weird. And, it has absolutely nothing to do with sport.

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Wasn’t there a segment of the 2012 opening ceremony that did not get broadcast in the US? I vaguely recall that being the case.

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"It gives you an idea of how long in advance The Corona operation was planned and disclosed to the unsuspected public before it was executed with surgical precision by Satan’s soldiers, the Jesuits of Rome. "

I am curious who sits atop as Satan's human soldiers and it seems to be Rome or some Jews. In this interview, the speaker quotes various folks he says were speaking of use of nRna technology for trans-humanism. All are Jews and a few quotes are from the 1950's. The CEO's of all shot-manufacturers are Jews. I see Jews everywhere.


So, I am curious of support that it is "the Jesuits" and not "the Jews."

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thank you, I was able to share this with 20 people, who will now share it with others. Unreal!

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