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Is Tim Ballard recommending we all need to chip our children to protect them? Hell no, and what he is recommending is just that. Playing on our heartstring to get us to go along with chipping out children

You do great work here. But did Tim say this? That is evil manipulative shit if he did

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Serious concerns:

“But we are concerned that uncritical use of NG163 may create unintended risks for people with suspected or actual COVID-19 infection.”


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Enter NG163 keyword if not there already and search.

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Please Close Your Ears...!

Please Open Your Eyes...!

Sudden "Unknown" Death Syndrome...! or "SUDS"...

Sudden "Acknowledged" Death Syndrome...! or "SADS"...

NEW Syndrome Called "DFS"...!

DEATH by "FACTSceens"...!

NEW "Blindness Syndrome" referred to as "BS"...!

NEW Safe & Effective, "FACTS-Unseen" for "BS"...!

Get Yours today...

99.9% unSafe & unEffective...!

66.6% Deadly & Fatal...!

brought to you by,

The DOD, Pfizer & LSD Lucifer, Satan and the Devil...

Aloha & God bless, kyle

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Bring it on and support everyone who has the courage to speak the truth. The people who sat in the "room where it happens" at the highest level need to be exposed. We got a lot of good people dying from that damn shot!


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Found on Wayback Machine

"Sedation and opioid use should not be withheld because of a fear of causing respiratory depression."



Oh my God. This is the smoking gun for mass murder.

EDIT: Australian nurses and doctors and feds who follow me: cough it up. I know we have the same protocol in Australia. Email me. Go to your graves at least doing some good.

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That's murder.

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So sad, we will not forget until we get justice for all.

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To be honest, most intellectually lazy people I know don't care (telling one woman about the shot, she replied "I know, but I just want to go to Cancun next month"); well, they WILL care, and shortly, when they are dispatched off the the modern equivalents of Auschwitz. The only difference is, the Jews were forced. These idiots **volunteered**

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You misspelled hellspitals.

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