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I watched my normal 1 year baby boy get the MMR vaccine and although it was over 20 years ago I can recall every second of the next 18 hours. He was hitting his mile stones to autistic. He had a softball size welt on his thigh and he cried all night. The ER said it was most likely a mosquito bite. The kicker was my friend and his wife had that same exact thing happen to their exceptionally gifted daughter. I visited them often . She was already beguining to talk and showed interest in reading. I was too wrapped up at home to get a chance to see them for a couple weeks. I will never forget that day I walked in and saw what was going on. Jody just stared into space. That same soulless stare. I wish I had got the chance to stop them but they probably would still have taken her in.The world is blind

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What can we do about this?

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Have you ever watched “the scariest movie ever” by KJ Ozborne? He does wonderful work, making videos covering occult symbolism and the vaccine. His videos are really good.

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Those Georgian Guidelines are actually quite smart. Humanity currently suffers greatly by not following most of them. I don't quite understand the reasoning behind #3 though. Having everyone speak the same language would be unreasonable/impractical.

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If man is a cancer why did God proclaim all creation as good, including man?

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We're all focused on deaths right now but is anybody tracking births? (Everybody knows that births have been in long-term decline for decades but has anybody tracked the data since the vaccines rolled out?!?)

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Article: Whistling Past the Graveyard — The Crimes & Betrayals of the Medical Papacy — Part 1, by Greg Maybury, Perth.


😱👉 A Snippet: '[The] virulence and contagion of 🦠 is nowhere more evident than in the hearts and minds of all those medicos who’ve allowed themselves to be so utterly contaminated by Doctor Fauci’s patented—and existentially dangerous—brand of moral turpitude and ethical beggary.'

Preamble: Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the global conspiracy that is the Covid “pandemic”, is the ease with which the vast majority of those in the medical, healthcare, and affiliated scientific fields embraced the official dogma and complied with the dictates imposed under its all encompassing rubric.

The stark reality is that the arch-criminal globalist confederacy that is the World Economic Forum—in tandem with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the political puppets we politely refer to as our leaders—could hardly have imagined much less attempted their monstrous, cynical deception without the imprimatur, and then cooperation, of the medical establishment.

In this first instalment of a two part series, Australian writer Greg Maybury applies the 'blowtorch to the belly' of this once revered profession. Along with betraying their solemn oath to ‘do no harm’, they've become fully owned chattels of the Big Pharma cartel.


⬇️👀👍 From a reader: 'A must read piece. Clearly showing that the medical establishment follows the same process with every crime they commit & how the public can so readily drink the kool-aid when it gets served.'

⬇️👀👍 From a reader: [Greg], You’ve really put down on paper what most of want to but can’t find the words. You certainly have done the homework and speak 100% truth. You’re work is amazing and you deserve much respect as well! ❤️ God bless & protect you!

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I never watch tv but I always know what's on whenever someone talks to me. This is the current programming:

1 Putin must die.

2 We are all gonna die because we pollute and destroy our planet.

3 Covid? Suddenly changed to just another flu.

It feels weird how I agree with the guide stones, but please note that I strongly disagree with how we are supposed to get there. Evil people choose evil methods. They could have used education and media for the better, to teach truth and critical thinking so we can all start building a better world together, without wars, but with fewer babies to gradually reach whatever number we think is best. The difference between cancer cells and people, the latter have brains. We should use them.

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Please, note, there is ONE ORIGINAL SARS-CoV-2 virus with ONE GENETIC code for the SPike, the one introduced in ALL covid genetically modifying injections! That means, we are dealing with the same problem with all other brands like modE-RNA, J&J, AZ. They all have this one in common, the genetic sequence for the Spike which has that anti-sperm antibody. But there are hundreds of others there, all indicated on this first list posted here! Couple of new developments in synthetic biology indicate the entire pharma drug cartel is preparing for the DISEASE of the entire human population..

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Time for a mass round up of those that want us dead.

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