> essentially a declaration of marshal law

You meant to say MARTIAL law

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WE Canadian's require immediately, qualified/specialized Lawyer(s) who can make a case against PM TRUDEAU of Canada as a dangerous Traitor to his country & her people. HIS liasing with DAVOS- Nazis, along with his intended Rx for global initiatives known either as The New World Order, or The Great RE-Set - HE must be removed in any and all positions of government within our Nation ... a.s.a.p!

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Feb 20, 2022·edited Jul 26, 2022

i'm not a test dummy for bill gates depopulation jab or pin cussion for your cancer inducing kill shot. stop making use pay for poison you want to use on the population for your benefit.

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It's people like us they will target because we are pro-human, pro-health and pro-truth too. We are called extremists (that alone would qualify for serious mental illness). I'm aslo Christian: Troodo put Christians on the "dangerous list" I heard (from his own lips). I guess "love one another" is just too much for his soul to bear. I guess I qualify for the lethal injection profile! Bonne journée Éric!

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Actually, they will have to leave some intelligent people alive, too, in order to retain a decent gene pool:


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The lethal injections must have been developed and tested in the secret labs for decades.

There is nothing experimental about them.

They work EXCATLY as intended...

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It will be interesting to see how much oppression Canadians will tolerate. Even they probably have limits.

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probably, eh?

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A brief explanation of what's really going on and what it's really all about.

The Debt Based Monetary System

The most pressing and immediate problem is the debt based monetary system reached its arithmetic terminus by September 2019 as indicated by Federal Reserve reverse Repo market operations, there being no further economic growth possible to service the debt upon which previous growth was based.

A debt based system reliant on ever increasing growth and consumption in a finite World is, by its very nature, inevitably bankrupt. It's also reliant on an ever increasing supply of debtors, which doesn't play well with economies experiencing demographic shift, birth rates having fallen well below replacement rate over the past few decades and not just in the West. This is compounded by the pension and social welfare system which is essentially a Ponzi scheme.

The monetary system relied on quantative easing, negative real interest rates and Ponzi financial instruments to stagger on into its death throws for over a decade, the first indication the inevitable had begun being the Mortgage Backed Securities crash of 2008.

If you study a chart of US Dollar M1 Money supply, it took from 1971 when President Nixon ended the Gold standard, effectively abandoning Bretton-Woods and moving the USD to a fiat, free floating non-system backed by the promise of a politician and a central banker, to 2019 to reach $4 trillion. It then only took a further 18 months to reach $21 trillion.

People led themselves to believe stock markets have been booming over the past two years of this alleged pandemic, which is surprising considering the World is in economic free fall, supply chains having literally been shut down. But in reality, markets are crashing relative to the exponential quantitative easing of central banks.

Central banks are chasing geometric debt collapse, or at least prolonging the period between now and total system failure, time enough to establish the new system.

Because a new system is required, the intention is to implement a dystopian social credit score system with all its associated horrors, including mandatory "vaccinations." Let that sink in as you ponder the consequences of resource depletion and the obvious final solution.

Natural resource depletion and the limits to growth

In the 1950's, it took one barrel of oil energy equivalent to recover one hundred barrels of oil.

This fell rapidly through the 1970's, then tailed off into a steadier decline, now sitting at one barrel of oil energy equivalent to recover three barrels of oil.

Sometime around 2050, the EROEI of oil crosses the rubicon, reaching parity or, nett zero.

If you study a chart of EROEI for oil, it's glaringly obvious. Nett Zero 2050 has nothing to do with the weather.

Now study a chart of oil consumption correlated with human population growth over time. You'll instantly comprehend how dependent the human population is on oil to exist.

Oil isn't just about energy. Nuclear fusion is likely to solve the energy generation problem at some point in the future, with nuclear fission in the meantime, but that doesn't solve the demand for oil for other purposes.

What happens when we can't manufacture plastics, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and all the other oil based products essential to our continued existence?

Other fundamental resource issues remain, not least phosphates required for agricultural fertilisers and rare earth metals needed for all the batteries needed for electric mobility.

So nefarious is it, the real agenda cannot be revealed. So it's greenwashed under the climate change narrative for which the "science is settled". Any contrarian voices are silenced under a barrage of "cancel culture" artillery fired by the army of useful idiots from the synthetic woke left wing, people devoid of any capacity for critical thought, unwittingly recruited specifically for this purpose and ignorant to the reality they'll be thrown under the bus come the end.

If you follow the critical path of societal manipulation and decay since the end of WWII to the point we find ourselves today, this was all accurately predicted by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980's when he described the four stages of ideological subversion of nations.

It's interesting to note cancel culture is also being deployed to suppress any scientific debate questioning the safety and efficacy of these Coronavirus vaccines and associated Emergency Use Authorisations.

This isn't about the weather, it's a resource war between rich and poor.

Now consider how a social credit score system requiring mandatory "vaccination" to comply to "keep your freedoms" in a cashless economy where you own nothing is heading?

Impfung Macht Frei, indeed.

This isn't a long mental journey.

You might be wondering why life insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in all cause mortality in 2021 for the 18-64 age group. It isn't CoVID-19 by the way, so what changed? What government mandated programme began?

This is just the beginning. We're surrendering our freedom and lives to the ignorance and greed of unaccountable neofeudalists and eugenicists, all of whom can be traced back to the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome who, incidentally, have mentioned a World population between 1 and 2.5 billion as being what they regard as sustainable.

As of 2022, the World population is eight billion, with the population predicted to peak around the end of the Century at eleven billion as the birth rates have continued to decline below replacement rate.

Peoples wilful ignorance to our so called democracies having been infiltrated by agents of the World Economic Forum to implement The Great Reset is an afront to our forebears who bravely fought and died for the freedom we're so readily surrendering today.

It's shameful.

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I only want to point out one overlooked factor in your analysis...

vegetable oils, particularly hemp, can be used to manufacture anything that petroleum oils are used to create, with minimal (if any) retooling of the requisite machinery. and hemp can produce a lot of oil, especially if it was planted on all the idle CRP land just in the US (hemp also serves the purpose of revitalizing depleted soil, which is the de facto excuse for CRP and caused from the BigAg methods of non-regenerative farming.)

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The issue is not the debt per say, it is the service of the debt. Right before covid the interest payment were equal or larger than the defense budgets, that is nuts. We've added several trillion since then. Now too with interest rates rising that service will go through the roof.

The EU is the epicenter of this debt issue. They ruined their bond market with zero rates, there are no buyers of bonds except the ECB, and they are next to death. Banks in the US will not buy any EU debt or they will not use any EU notes for collateral for any reason. The repo spikes were a reflection of no trust in the EU.

People really like to blame federal reserve banks for some reason, it makes no sense, they do not create policy, the politicians do. The political forces create movable and fake debt ceilings that serve no purpose but window dressing.

The other fallacy is the fall of the dollar. For now that is not happening, what is happening is the dollar is very strong which always indicates a recession. This will absolutely destroy emerging markets. Cash is flowing out of the EU into the dollar because it is safer than the alternative; also interest rates increases cause the purchase of dollars. The dollar will break out here and move toward the $140s long term. Then we will see calls for an new reserve because the strength of the dollar is killing everyone, then we may get the future dollar crash.

As an example Japan said they will not raise and all that will do is cause more cash from the Yen to flow to dollars. Look at the current US/Yen and you'll see the picture

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Great analysis. Yes, economic collapse is coming. I used to think the Great Reset was driven by the the desire of the elites to maintain their wealth and power at our expense. But I think economic collapse has been long planned (a feature, not a bug) in order to usher in the New World Order.




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Just saw a video of Schwab in his office and an eagle eye picked up something on his bookcase. A bust of Lenin.

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Actually Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. Lenin was an alias.

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Martial*, not marshal.

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Sure is ! Keep your eyes on our Lord😉

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Because they are shameless. Thanks Mike and this substack!

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To the Fourth Reich and beyond!

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Here is something from a purely academic point of view:

The ONLY thing that might prevent the upcoming events is a popular takeover of the control over the global money flow from the game-masters, which I cannot see happening. Their control over monetary sources (including the intentional destruction of the current system), production and distribution, technology, communication sources, crowd control, the media, "Medicine," and just about everything that matters, currently ensures that everything is proceeding according to their plan...

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Yes, the "Kissinger report" almost 40 years old, proves that this has been long ago planned and implemented, are we in the final stages? Is 2030 the point where it will be 75% achieved? Sooner??

Everyone should read, here is the link... https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB500.pdf.

Note: China ALREADY ahead of the game, even 40 years ago (having already implemented pg. 83 ideas) and for 35 years (one child law), then in 2015 went to two children, ending the one child law) and now, as of 2021 has gone to the "three' child limit.

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China is in negative pop growth territory. It can survive as such, but the danger is to become Japan, where they do not even have enough farmers that are ethnically Japanese, they've been importing the Vietnamese... they are trying with the '3' child limit, but the fact of the matter is the young people are not cooperating and having children...

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Saw it coming 20 years ago. So from age 24, built houses, farms and plantations debt free. Self-sufficient living in remote rural Thailand.

People said I was mad.

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