I don't know quite how to express what I am seeing. Fraudulent clinical trials are part of producing pharmaceuticals. I don't know when it was ever different.

Mass injury and killing through poisoning, including with pharmaceuticals, goes back centuries. Simple lying ("vaccines ended the historical epidemics"), victim gaslighting, media control, and other means have been used to control the narrative.

Yet something has changed. The extent of maiming and killing has multiplied greatly, and these are committed very openly now. The trials are for show -- they aren't even required now "legally" as it is a declared "public health emergency", or these are "medical countermeasures prototypes", or whatever, and all it takes to establish that that is coordinated lying, and dull-minded gullible people, already slow-poisoned and metabolically damaged by the terrible false "food" they have been duped into consuming as cheap and convenient staples, sitting around their TVs, drinking in the lies.

Laws and regulations have been or are being changed to require merely a "possible" emergency". "We don't need no stinkin' trials. Dose 'em and watch 'em drop. It's OK, it's 'legal', let's go."

Mass gullibility? Strong deception? Lawlessness has increased, and it is not being effectively addressed by the courts, which are also becoming lawless. Wars and rumors of war are everywhere, as are cluelessness and trying to go on with life as usual, as in Noah's day. "I'm not responsible for this -- I am good; 'they' are doing it" (no sin problem here, and nothing to repent of; it's "them" that are the problem).

Welcome to the End of the Age. Have a nice day.

I'm going to go review our Palm Sunday choir anthem, "Hosanna in the Highest". Praise God, there are still effective ways to respond to all this.

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These guys did and continue to do a superb job of explaining the trial problems in terms even a layman can understand.

I wish there was a way to thank them for all they have done.

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The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (???) took the study apart I think in Spring or summer of 2021 and blew it out of the water as fraudulent also.

Where are the lawsuits?

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We know, a lot of people know, nothing is happening besides more copy paste crazy laws in every "country" to terminate what is left of us. The vaxes contracts are going on, we buy more and more, they do what they have to do. That saying "we can die with the justice in your hands" is so true now.

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Apr 1, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

I wonder why they are just highlighting Pfizer, not the others too? Why have governments, UK, Canada, Australia and South Korea already done $$$ deals with Moderna to build factories and R&D?

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I think Moderna since it is owned by the NIH/US DOD will never release its data.

I don't know about J & J or Astra Zeneca.

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I'm from UK and AZ was used as well as Pfizer and Moderna. Not much seems to be known about AZ except under control by US DoD just like others. No matter, looks though FDA, EMA, MHRA, regulatory bodies fully controlled also. UK MHRA is 86% funded by pharma.

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I fear the reset BS will b in full swing by the time real judicial effects are made over this crime against humanity.

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The Reset BS is almost completed....and judicial efforts will not be enough.

You have about 2 months until you are totally under the control of these monsters.

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