So Big Pharma can put anything in their depopulation injections & call it “medicine” “vaccines” etc… but their products are NEVER tested by independent experts nor do they even have to PROVE their injections/medicines even work at all???

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From page 13 of the FDA's response:

"Rather, we are observing that the statements referenced by the Petition do not demonstrate a commonly held belief that the clinical trials provided substantial evidence of efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 transmission. We are not convinced that there is any widespread misconception about this."

If people were not convinced of transmission prevention (by constant barrage via all media sources) then why would companies mandate these injections?

There is a shortage of people to work entry-level jobs, like dishwasher or ditch digger, perhaps the bureaucracy could contribute personnel via massive layoffs. Win-win!

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Tell me you didn't see this coming 🤔🤔

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I only saw the title and thought, “ ya, and cars without wheels are ok too.”


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I hope that every person who was mandated for these deadly jabs takes this information and files lawsuits against their employers! Especially those who have been injured and families of the deceased need to do the same! State and Local Public Health agencies are also complicit!!! Talk about the smoking gun! The same goes for all our military who have taken these. Spread this information far and wide. They just confirmed that these were never intended to do anything but cause harm!

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Unmasked unvaxxed unafraid

Vaccination a curse

and a menace to per-

sonal liberty : with

statistics showing its

dangers and


by Peebles, J. M. (James Martin), 1822-


Vaccination, Medicine

Battle Creek, Mich. :

The Temple of Health

Publishing Co



callibrary; americana

Open Knowledge


Commons and Yale




Medical Library

Contributor Yale University


Medical Library



Publication 1900




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"The Department of

Health and Human

Services created a new

agency called the COVID-

19 Community Core,

"and they distributed $13

billion over 274 sectors

of our society, bribing

every single one of them

with money, loans that

didn't have to be paid

back if they met the

agreement on the loan

contract, which was to

push the vaccine"

according to Dr. Thorp

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I think it is time to abolish the FDA, along with many other dangerous alphabet soup govt agencies. I prefer to call FDA useless, but they are not useless, they are freaking dangerous!

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The Kraft of Spell Casting is to enchant, put a glamour on, seduce, or compell and action on the physical world through the force of words.

We see this in action to the height of the Kraft that the world is under the Spell/Thrall of the notion that the FDA exists to 'help', or 'protect'. They help millions into their graves on a regular basis and protect the killers.

When you get past that glamour then you move on to the Spellwork of their own Mages where the lessons of the Black Magick priests of ancient Egypt still have not been heeded:

That the PRONUNCIATION OF THE WORDS were more important than any other part of the ritual.

We have Jon Rappoport to unoccult the words for us on a previous Spell that then set the pattern for the recognition of the method for the other Spells.


Autism is a fiction. They assign the meaning to it then trap you with that meaning in all opposition to what you were ALLOWED to PRESUME what it meant.

We see that repeated here where the CAALM fell into the same trap with the word-Spell: Vaccine.

There isn't or shouldn't be anyone out there who doesn't know by now that the biological and chemical warfare agents CALLED vaccines are not even 'gene therapy' unless DEATH is protection from acquiring or transmitting a disease.

So they failed right out of the box against the SIMPLEST TRICK of Word Magicks of Sorcerers and Alkymysts that have thousands of years of practice against such simple minds.

With that as a foundation then you can see that the FDA for all of its hateful arrogance and history of blood was not necessarily lying in their response.

Depending on how deep within the fractal that you want to go, the FDA is an AGENCY. They are not part of the Federal Government anymore than an 'associate' is part of the corporate management of Walmart. Their criteria for what they do is set ONLY by any SUBSTANTIVE RULES in the Federal Register. If NO substantive rules exist in the CFR (even if there are Interpretive Regulations) then THERE ARE NO RULES AT ALL AND IT IS A FREE-FOR ALL. In the absence of Federal Regulations then the Policy of the AGENCY is whatever the whim of those clowns might be.

That is where you start if you thought there was any kind of Remedy & Relief in a judicial system that was created for the sole protection of the criminals.

The response by the FDA shows that they are speaking with a forked-tongue because they don't care what you think or even know about the process because they an armed branch of the military.

"A vaccine can meet the licensure standard if the vaccine's benefits of protecting against disease ...."

Just stop there.

"...authorization and licensure standards for vaccine do not require demonstration of the prevention of infection or transmission."

So any REASONABLE PERSON would ask: Just what the hell is a 'benefit'? 'protection'? and 'disease'?

Because there is one curious quirk of the CFR. There are always SPECIFIC DEFINITIONS of specific words that are in opening pages of the Rules and Regulations because without those strict guidelines then anything that follows in the rest of the publication is meaningless so that gibberish like what is posted above can be twisted to mean anything that the Spell Casters want it to mean.

Refer back to the fact that they keep calling these military bioweapons: "vaccines" that would by requirements of the CFR to have been tightly defined before any of this nonsense was vomited.

With the destruction of 4 simple words the Spell falls apart as just meaningless mutterings of the criminally deranged that will then either result in the victim capitulating to the 'authority' of Temp Agency workers (who have guns) or tearing the Coven down to its foundations.

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Wow. Bud. That’s deep

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Thank you for this preposterous information. I am speechless and furious at the same time!

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Thank you for this report! This is just ridiculous. Did the Fraudulent Detrimental Agency specify what the lethal concoctions are out there for at all, except for the kill of the humanity??

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" Fraudulent Detrimental Agency " 👍🏼

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And women can have dicks.

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And men can breast feed, whoops, I mean chest feed... wtf.

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Change the rules. No worries.

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Standby, my friend.

This is only Opening Ceremonies.

Ever wonder why the call a Black Magicks Ritual a Ceremony?

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The FDA will require you to put a black box warning on it that the sodium might increase blood pressure. I would stick with dehydrated water. Less product liability.

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