I seem to recall a ceremony where the "elites" had a large DNA strand as a prop. It had a triple helix. This IS the plan.

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Lots of people who have run tests on these shots from all over the world haven't found anything organic in them at all. No Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Magnesium means there was never anything organic in them to begin with. What they are finding is a toxic slurry of a variety of heavy metals, varying by batch, and graphene compounds. I remain unconvinced there was ever any mRNA at all.

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Producing large quantities of stable mRNA is imposable to the extent they told us they did. Simply ramping up to that degree means a huge amount of rejection of batches. May be out of all batches 5% is acceptable? Thats if the production is functioning 100%. As An engineer I can no see it viable.

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Smith, Absolutely! Others have been saying the same thing. There were people saying this a couple years ago. What we have here is a massive disinformation cloud, that's what I call it, and they have thousands of agents pumping it up with more flatulence every day. They will maintain the mRNA narratives at all costs. If that falls down everything else crumbles.

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It's already starting to fail. People are no longer vaccinating their children, and many have rejected vaccination altogether. The next pandemic, they will come out with more mRNA vaccines, and I bet you 100% that the uptake will be so low that they will have to force people to take it. "You don't take the vaccine, you lose your job." People will decide to lose their jobs, just like many nurses and doctors did last time. But next time around, I think they will have to step it up. Maybe no vaccine, no shopping or travel on public transportation. Maybe no vaccine, then you must stay at home, etc., etc. They will step it up to such a degree that many will flee the West to the East. Mark my words, we all need to start looking for a country that will not follow the WHO, WEF, and globalist agenda. Any good countries you can recommend? I don't want to go to Russia, it's too cold, but India is too hot also. What country meets the limits of liberty and is not controlled by globalists that we can live out our free lives in? I'm about 15yrs out before retirement, but I could retire earlier at a push to a country that is safe.

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I don't believe there will be a place on earth left to get away from this eventually. CBDC's will go into effect everywhere and they will use that to control everyone. I have seen the patent documents for the "app" they will likely use many places. It can integrate CBDC's, social credit, and anything else THEY choose with the most sophisticated contact tracing ever conceived. This app will place all smart devices into interlocking networks where not only is your device spying on you but everyone elses. It will know down to the foot how close you got to someone, if you talked to them, and for how long. I'm sure they intend to record all these conversations as well but it doesn't actually say that yet. It will decide if you need to be prescribed a "treatment or vaccine" and what the penalty is for "non-compliance". Likely these penalties will be escalating levels of inconvenience culminating in all funds being cut off and a social credit score so bad you can't even set foot in a grocery store. This is why the WHO is absolutely hellbent on achieving absolute control " in case of another pandemic", which I'm sure has already been planned to coincide with them being handed that authority. Sorry to be so bleak but I never candy coat anything. There's enough of that here. They will continue to say whatever their pushing are "mRNA vaccines" and 95% of the public will believe that's what's in them.

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will be a mater of simple living. Go to india find a remote village and barter for food using gold bits or something.

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Of course THAT is nonsense, of course, because you can't assume something that NEVER existed!!! This is about CRISPR!!! And furthermore toxins, which have absolutely nothing lost in the organism together with graphene/graphene oxide and their derivatives in various forms and structures were used in these toxic substances!!!! And exclusively toxins can harm other people by exhalation and contact via the skin!!!!







Self-assembly of crystals in these toxic substances - and to record this requires infinite patience




etc. etc. etc.

The only thing that has to do with a DNA is the production of these toxic substances in human embryonic kidney 293 cells and human embryonic cell line called PER.C6, where Insertional Mutagenesis and Autoimmunity Induced Disease occurs in children, but also in adults!!!! Read the comments here https://maryann255.substack.com/p/the-truth-is-always-on-the-other-f94 !!

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That's quite a post like being hit by a semitruck that left links imprinted on us instead of tire tread marks that highlights my latest meme:

ALL of the Above.

We are locked into Full Spectrum Assymetrical Warfare.

So whereas one researcher might have gotting a lot & serial number of vaccines to test in their particular lab and may have found (or not found) x,y,z another lab might have gotten a different lot & serial number that had completely different contents.

Corvelva in Italy did analysis on the standard vaccines to find NOTHING in the vials; or strange things but none of the labeled ingredients; or HORRORS including worms. Ever wonder why they push IVM like it is essential to fight the latest jabberwonky?

That brings us to one of my first ever maxims:

"If you didn't make it - then you have no idea what is in it."

I didn't make the shots and I certainly didn't do any independent backup testing on the vials that were supposedly analyzed. So, the scientific method has to be rigidly adhered to. That will not be the case if the vials in the possession of independent researchers were not tested for their ENTIRE contents. There's an urban legend that the reason why some people either get severely damaged or dead from shots from multi-dose vials is because the mercury sinks to the bottom, none of the healthkill professionals shake the bottles so by the time you get that last shot in the bottle you've pretty much been converted into a thermometer.

Unless each researcher is testing every drop in every vial available to them then nobody knows nothing about anything.

This is why I bypass all of this by saying: It's the military. Of course they put everything in everything for everybody.


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Kevin does good work.

New sentence so I don't negate that.

It was known in the 1970s that you can't cut out the fetuses from cows during the slaughter process, have rooms full of a couple feet high of blood, feces and dead baby calves then try to harvest Fetal Bovine Serum and have it pure from any kind of microbe - filterable or not. You can't filter Bacteriophage viruses from which all genetic technology arose due to its restriction enzymes that were discovered in them that splice genes.


Did I say: 1970s?

It was well known that host DNA will try on new bits floating around like teenage girls sharing clothes in each other's closets (I guess now it is binding shirts and crossover clothes from Target...) so DNA mutation was a GIVEN for *ALL* of the Old Style vaccines.

Lettuce go back to the 1950s when Salk was brewing up his sorcery: The cell cultures were foaming like someone put dish soap in the dishwashing machine (dishwarsher if yer from thuh Sowth). It was discovered that it was yet another monkeyshit virus CMV Cytomegalovirus. But Salk just shrugged and said that it would be OK because they would 'kill' it with the For Mel To Hide. Of course adsorbed formaldehyde falls of of the target once inside the electrolyte soup of the host faster than pants without a belt on a modern american man who looks like he's pregnant with triplets.

So now everyone has EMBEDDED polio, and EMBEDDED CMV, and EMBEDDED EBV (Epstein Barr-LIKE virus was supposedly discovered in the monkeys that were used to culture the Po' Leo shat), and... and... and...


Did I say: 1950s?

So although everyone is putting their hands to their faces like that weird painting, this has been going on since 1798 with Jenner Ingrafting Bestial Disease. If you knew the history, if you knew the biology, then although people are freaking out over the 'new shots', this has been nothing but a Meet the New Vaccine - Same as the Old Vaccine.

We have never needed any New Studies or More Information. It has always been alkymy, Sorcery and Witch Kraft. All that has been lacking for the past millennia was a good bonfire or a long row of dunking chairs.

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Your comment intrigues me. We’ve heard them talk of the next pandemic, and “it’s going to be much worse” than the dry run known as Covid. I now wonder if the gene juice jibby jabs wasn’t much more than the installation of a trigger switch to turn on these embedded latent viruses. Scary.

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I've got a number of people in a casual Think Tank with whom I run these scenarios.

The Ancient Chaldean Spellbooks had the names of Demons as what we know as the name of diseases. Using the commutative property we could then say that Diseases were Demons.

The notion of Possession is the entry of an Evil Entity into a human body through a portal. This is why horror and supernatural movies portray a mist (Genii are fire and smoke) or a fly (Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies) as getting into the eyes, ears, nose, mouth. When you consider that a syringe needle is hollow, then it literally punches a hole into the victim thus creating...

a portal by which entire Legions of DEMONS in the form of DISEASES are put into the victim.

So, this then allows a husk, a host, a corporeal being to be steered by something that would otherwise either not have purchase in this dimension or not have the capability of an ape with opposable thumbs to manipulate the physical universe to its ends. I like to reference that tiny little alien inside the head of the robot in the first Men In Black for that kind of puppeteering of THINGS THAT ONLY LOOK HUMAN AT THIS POINT.

The Old School Vaccines got that job done exquisitely because it set the stage (as you say) for what happens next.

We tend to see the current pollution of the husks as being software upgrades towards the transhuman man-machine phase of the operation.

Evil is already embedded. Evidenced by the zombies having not 'died' so to speak but exist as Undead. A really horrific way to be. They were and are steerable weapons and controllable through mass media, but when you figure in software/hardware updates with the new AND ENDLESS shots predicted to come then the notion of the Internet of Bodies makes them an inescapable mass of what passes for human that will snuff you just like grinding a cigarette butt into the dirt just for being Not Them.

Think of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers where they would point and screech at the ones who hadn't been converted and then chase them down.

The cover story, then, would be that there are never-ending, more, and scarier (always has to be scarier/worse than the previous for those whose adrenals are already burnt out) crises so that they can SLOWLY add the updates because we figure that the installation of graphene, the organizing it into dendritic circuits


and installing what amounts to EPROM codes into people has to be done in stages to prevent defects or just killing the androids outright before they are fully online. Bear in mind that killing their lab rats is of no concern to them beyond the loss of time and materials. So as with all Evil even if they have lethal failures they can: Learn from the failure to attempt to correct it, and their depop agenda will stay on track. It's all good.

Before I ever knew of the transhuman endgame (not really - End Game is the end of all humanity) plan I called this process: Building a ship inside a bottle. If you've never seen it, it is quite fascinating and takes the patience of a spider.

So, for all intents and purposes your observations are right. It's just a matter of my meme:

"If you think things are bad - don't worry - they're worse than you could possibly imagine."

In the words of Chris Carter's first X-Files movie: Fight The Future.

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Wow. Excellent link about self assembling nanotubes. SEVEN YEARS AGO.

I’ve been keenly aware of the other aspects and elements of the depop agenda but the trans human, graphene/ GO , and Nanotechnologies is a new area for me and very unsettling. But I MUST look at it and learn from it. Thanks!

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Linked this one already yesterday @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

but thanks for sharing.

Always look to your Substack for articles that you link and that I may not have seen yet. Good work as always!!!

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And still shedding-to what extent is that damaging humans; and will be the last investigated when it should be in the forefront to save what’s left of humanity. But hey -who’s counting all the bad of this shit show from the beginning of illegal gain of function to ?

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Illness from being shed on is the #1 thing I'm seeing in the people I work with. The dangers of shedding were even acknowledge in Pfizer's documents. I don't work with or associate with vaccine zombies but my neighbor now has the obvious signs of basal cell carcinoma so Iguess that's one of the Door Prizes for playing: Who's Dumber than a Third Grader?

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Me, too!!!!! sadly my daughter was called back into her office (has since quit) and got optic neuropathy (docs diagnosed and referred - MS). But it wasn’t, just the temp eye sight loss (as if). Bioweapon?-if u don’t take it-there are repercussions of shedding to degrees as bad if not worse than the bioweapon itself! And still no dot connecting with those jabbed OR shedded on. Again, planned?

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There's so many levels to the horrors of vaccines.

Corvelva in Italy (the first country to be shut down) did the first independent research on off the shelf vaccines to find that either the labeled ingredients weren't in there or some were but there were HORRORS inside of those vile vials. Even microscopic parasitic worms. They had their lists and often there were unidentified chemicals or pathogens listed so I wrote to them to ask them to SPECIFICALLY do chromatography or gene sequencing to look for Outer Surface Proteins or the DNA of spirochetes from Lyme. It was the opinion of Mel Thornburg and me that they've been shooting lyme into us since at least the 1950s.

I bring up Lyme because Alan MacDonald said that Multiple Sclerosis is Parasitosis.

The filarial worms that carry lyme spirochetes burrow into the spinal column, ride the fluid up into the brain then offload the migrant workers.


All vaccines have been and remain chemical and biological weapons. The beauty of such a thing is that they create carriers that can then infect those who wouldn't normally be exposed or expose themselves to such weapons.

Even Billy Baphomet Gates said that their goal was to make vaccines that spread from human to human.

So, as you posed the Musical Question: This was ALL PLANNED.

I have a page full of remedies that we proved on ourselves for those who have been shed on. I will send it to anyone who wants to PM me at:


I have nothing to sell.

Maybe your daughter can get some relief from having obviously been shed on.

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Sounds to me like a good summary of the situation, although I don't know enough about the subject to evaluate it thoroughly. Again, McKernan's research can be found at Nepetalactone Newsletter,


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Contaminated? Or planned DNA presence? Hmmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

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Rebecca Carley used to say that all of the time: How can you have a 'contaminated' vaccine? They're pure poison.

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May 29, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

And people are still taking the poison.

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... but.... but.... free donuts!

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Yes they are!

And they know what the deception is, and they still take it.

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