You may not realize how powerful you are, but the elites [sic] do

That's why they work so hard to numb you into submission


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Yep, Trident (US manufacturer) fails when put up to launch. Either way, they're goading them (Russia/Chinese) to attack, and we will take all the heat for it. Welcome to the 21st century.

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GAZA; Q; HOW by ANY Metric, can 'IT' be Considered - A 'WAR'? THE , Probably Rated 5th Most Powerful Army on the Planet (Including Surveillence Tech/Total Arsenals across 3 Armed Services & 'Nukes'), Against what(Civilians Status Not inclusive) a 'Militia'! OR, does the Term 'WAR', 'Iron out' ANY Moral/ Guilt sense of Massively UNequal Inputs/Outputs- Predominantly 1 SIDED 'Casualties' (Palestinian), Supported By 'THE WEST' - Australia Inclusive??

Locally in OZtopia, It's UNacceptible to 'Bully' in the School Yard, Or Ostracise others, Yet Perfectly O.K. By Govt., on the Global Stage!

Next; 'U.Sless of A, To hit Russia with New sanctions over Navalny Death'. - While I don't Agree with Navalny's 'Outcome', HOW are Those NON Aggressive U.S. Citizens 'Travelling', who were Caught up in Another False Flag event @ RENT A POLITICIAN Central (Capitol) 6th of Jan.? STILL in Gaol I believe - WHY? Seems A bit like, " The Pot calling the Kettle Black!"

Next; Trident Missiles = WHAT did THAT DUD 'Cost' The Taxpayers? That's what happens when the U.S. goes back to Making stuff themselves - Should have Bought 'IT' thru Walmart!

Last; THE Failing U.S.A Empire - NO observations from the 'Quickening' involving The Roman Empire, OR, was that Lost TO/TOO/ON the 'Well Resourced' ( Read; NOT 'Elite') 'Bought' Entities therein? I ask at this point, some form of Anecdote from Former 'Installed' U.S. PresiDents such as G.W.Bush, or the CurRent 'Unit' - Joe Biden from Unaware (Delaware), but Intelligence wise, they couldn't String Anything together - Even with a 'Prompter'!

I'm not Saying OZtopia (Australia) IS any better, BUT, Really? Out of A 330 MILLION population - Plus 'Illegals/Legals', THIS, IS, the Best You've 'Got'?

Wellness from Southern PNG

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Sorry! Forgot to Add - Russian Sanctions By 'Others'. Probably the BEST thing That could have happened to Create a MORE Independent Russia, Manufacturing/ Financially/ Trade Pact wise!

THE U.S. DOES 'Realise', That, Amongst the Other MULTIPLE Countries on it's Dodgy HIT List, China & Iran, ARE now Major Trading 'Partners' WITH Russia, & Going their OWN WAY, with New Markets, Co Operatives & Stability + OPTIONS! - OH! And they CAN PAY, as different to the Vacuous Vaults of the U.S.less of A.= WELL DONE To War Hawks & False Bankers@WashingTons Of Money D.C. - NO LONGER 'WORKS'!


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