Rocket fire around the "Alamo" Baghdad Embassy. Militarly, the USSA has been "Set Up" by the democRat JoBama Coup Regime to lose the next war, Again.

Not that the USSA is a "White Hat" in Foreign Affairs, or that We the People of this USSA will not suffer at the hands of Foreign Enemies ..... BUT that these Domestic Enemies, NeoCons, Bolsheviks, democRats, rinoRats, are Destroying Our Country on multiple fronts from Social to Economic.

The Point being We Do Not Need anymore Foreign Wars for blood & profits. We Do very well Need a Restoration of the Republic from this current Demoncrazy, and the only question remaing is "How" to accomplish this Restoration of Lawful Constitutional governments, Federal & State both need a ReBalancing vis a vie We/Me/You citizens..

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Perhaps 'our' Jihadist Elites suddenly decided that Biologic Warfare was not going to bring this destruction fast enough to suit their timetable?

For some parts of humanity a nuclear war might be preferable to the lingering collapse of the species?:


Taken in conjunction with Dr. Yeadon's video (https://rumble.com/v3zywlj-the-saborski-address-english.html ) I have no doubt that Dr, Rancourt's numbers are very Conservative.

17 million deaths is equal to three times that of the Vietnam War? When one considers the deaths which occurred from that one clinic in New Zealand (about 30% of the 859 injections administered) The we can understand the potential for a Humanity shattering outcome. Then to add in the effects on the future birthrate suggested by Dr. Yeadon's description of the damage to Women's ovarian functions; and we can see that Human populations possibly entered into a "Species Collapse" period.

Those Eugenicist Elites directing the WHO (who were not biologists) probably never understood just how devastating this would be. The final outcome for our species now hangs in a balance which can't be controlled by human hands; no matter how 'Rich and powerful'. The Controllers may have doomed their own families as much as ours? Our civilization is wealthy, but the products and resources can only be cannibalized by the shrinking population for a few generations. After that the Mad Max World fades into oblivion...Reverse Evolution??? Not likely.

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