Does anyone have a full copy of this study report? It seems like it is now being deleted from the Web.

I could only find a very brief reference to it on the WHO site (Title, authors, journal citation, key words), and when clicking on the "Fulltext" button, was taken to a page featuring abstracts of 2 poster presentations, neither one of which has anything to do with this paper.

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May 27, 2023·edited May 27, 2023

This is only the beginning of chronic health conditions from the EXPERIMENTAL toxic bioweapon. I pray hard, each & every day for our Lord to deliver us from evil & help us go heal from this global genocide. I deeply thank you Dr. Coleman for your commitment in speaking TRUTH to Medical tyranny - it gives me HOPE ...

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Dr. Terry Wahl’s research and diet have been helpful on this topic . https://www.verywellhealth.com/reasons-to-try-the-wahls-protocol-for-ms-5218077

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The mRna shots......the gift that keeps on giving......

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May 24, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

WTH is this? I skimmed through 58 of the over 300 pages of legal gobbledygook, I am no genius when it comes to this stuff. Is this The World Bank putting out an investment betting on a pandemic, a certain number of cases & deaths to make money on it? The end date was too early but if I am correct, they had an interest to see to it that this happened. Specifically named, among others, Coronavirus. Are there other investments like this that followed this one? This is shocking, if I’m interpreting it correctly.

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this is like a 2017 insurance policy for 'emergency preparedness' for when 2500 people die of coronavirus, the nations get $225M , per 2500 dead souls. seems like financially incentivized genocide to me! this is one document, and there are probably dozens like it.

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When I was on twtr one of my followers told me that a vaccinated family member was diagnosed with MS. :(

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Helping The Chronic Vaxxers

With Their Adverse Effects

Is Like Loaning A Drug Addict Money.


The Clinically Retarded Ones

I’d Make An Exception For.

But They Would Have To Have Been

Clinically Diagnosed As Retarded

Before They Were Vaccinated.


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This is your best one yet! Made me laugh.

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The Most Heavily Vaccinated People And Those

Injured The Most - Are Still Wearing Masks.

Enjoy This Moment. It Is Yours.

Because They Are The Same Fucked-Up Morons

That Wanted To Force Inject You; To Quarantine You; To Fire You; And To Deny You Medical Care. They Still Do.

So Tell Them - To Their Faces:

“Don’t Get Sick - Because You Won’t Get Better”

You Owe Yourself That.

They Are Not Getting Better. Make Them Hear It.

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I Have A Five Minute Long

Vaccine Wake/Funeral Routine

That Is Just Drop Dead Funny.

Their Insurer Often Covers It

If Their Doctor Had Talked Them Into

A Reverse-Mortgage.


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Nicely done!

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It’s like it’s raining jokes

all fucking day

and I just hold out my hands.

I might actually miss them once they all die.

- Nahhhhhh.

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That One’s “From The Heart”

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