Defund the UN… 🔥🔥🔥

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Sometimes we need some laughter. T ~ UP TRUMP. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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You seem to be quoting this article:


The UN source is here:


Could you please show me where the UN source article mentions sex with minors, because I read it and it seems to deal mainly with sex workers, but does not mention children or minors.

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Is California Senator Scott Weiner running the UN now? These sound like the laws he sponsors here in California. More likely, we were a test case for the bigger UN agenda.

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Apr 16, 2023·edited Apr 16, 2023

I was listening to Steve Bannon War Room. His sister joined him discussing the curriculum the satanic world has in our children's after school programs. Yes. Worshipping satan. Coming to your child's school very soon. Already in many schools as we speak.

But in a cute way. A way that would lure a child of course. WTF? She then went on to say that churches are afraid to bring it up in service because it would push people away. If a church does not want to bring this corrupt crap to light, then they are a very dark usury church. Whether in ignorance or intentional. They Would rather sacrifice our children to fill the basket? So messed up. God will come down with fire. Those that love Our Father will not be harmed. He knows very well who will be exterminated. Can't fool Him. Can't hide. Amen. ~ Pamilla

One more thought. Satan is full throttle. Fight and go after the churches and schools for the children. You will know them by there fruits. WAKE UP AMERICA IF YOU STILL WANT FREEDOM.

Please!!! Fight against satan. Talk to your churches and schools. NOW!!!

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Well, duh! 🙄 Every last one of them is a disgusting pedophile. So of course they want to normalize their sick, deviant lifestyle and make it legal. They all know they’re deviants and they’re gonna burn in hell for it. That’s why they’re doing everything in their power to remove God from every facet of life as we know it. But that’s not how things work ~ you can’t remove God from his own creation. There is no escape for them. And deep down, they know this also, hence their desperation.

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Do look into Le Circle, a private members club that works on Chatham house rules. In Holland and Belgium it was exposed to have been kidnapping children to order from on the streets for sex abuse and often death. They would surreptitiously photograph the children in public places so these ‘elite’ could choose their victims. Members consisted of High ranking politicians and clergy as well as the aristocracy.

According to the UK branch of Le Circle, they claim they’re not the same. (Yeah, right!). The present chair is Kwasi Kwarteng who was in Johnson’s Govn’t and briefly chancellor for Trust. Prior chair was Zahawi, who works for Kuwaiti oil giants on their pipelines as well as being Covid Jab czar. He’s been embroiled in tax scam scandals recently.

Interestingly when the Bank of England was destroyed another chair Lamont was chair of Le Circle.

I’m apt to recall Carlin’s famous quote ‘it’s a big club. And you aren’t in it’.

Thank G*d for such mercies.

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There’s is the decriminalisation of prostitution for the victim of sex work, which are predominately women, which is reasonable. For few, if any, women would choose to undertake such work if not for the circumstances they find themselves in, whether as victims of trafficking, drug addiction, extreme poverty, or homelessness. To make them criminals only adds to their hopelessness.

However, historically the users of sex workers have rarely been prosecuted and few of such that profit from such work are ever brought on charges. A simple look at the Epstein-Maxwell cases is testimony to that where the lists of high ranking men and women facilitators will unlikely ever be released. And those partaking in the abuse will remain free.

But why would the UN give urgency to ‘get out of jail free’ cards to traffickers, profiteers and under age sex abusers? Well, it would mean the guilty amongst them could no longer be blackmailed. The guilty includes the UN itself. See Haiti’s food for sex scandal with underage girls.

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If you think about what connections there are to these practices and $$$ laundering, you'll see why they want to decriminalize these things. After all it's money (laundering) that makes the world go round. That and THEY don't want to be prosecuted for these crimes once the light's shined on them. But it's already happening - BWAHAHAHA!

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This is the devil’s world. Normal is not returning; Jesus is returning!!

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My sister has been tracking organised child sexual trafficking and ritual abuse since the Jimmy Saville 'scandal' broke in 2011.

For those here interested in the state condoning and involvement at various levels, here is some research she supplied me in an email in November 2022, as I have been bringing myself into the awake world. As we are looking at how this whole 'thing' interconnects, my sister wanders into oil reserve shortages.

"Child sex trafficking (aka grooming-ha!) not new to me, no.

I've been following the stories of child sex trafficking in the UK since about 2011, when the Savile story broke. Before that were a few stories about children being trafficked out of care homes that were scoffed at.

Look up "uk care home children sex scanda". Specific cases: North Wales, Rotherham, Islington, Jersey, Kincora, Spiritan. It's been going on for decades. The Jimmy Savile case revealed that, since he had been vetted by MI5 and possibly MI6, the State knew what he was up to i.e. procuring children (as reported by his nephew) and abusing hundreds of vulnerable people and kids while he was at it. One must conclude that child sex trafficking is useful to the State ie kompromat.

The first encounter I had with the idea of State-involved child trafficking was in BC in about 1992 and I frankly found it difficult to believe. But then some time later I came across these well-documented cases:

The Dutroux Affair in Belgium: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Dutroux_Affair

and the Franklin Cover-up: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring

That's a good source, btw, ^^^ for vetted parapolitical analysis.

Here's one pro-pedo organisation that was backed and supported by people within the UK government -PIE: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Paedophile_Information_Exchange









Side note: I always wondered why Yorkshire TV had bothered to go all the way to the American Midwest to investigate and report on the Franklin child sex scandal -until the Yorkshire-based Jimmy Savile scandal broke, then it became intelligible.

Conspiracy Of Silence Child Sexual Abuse In Boy's Town

This was an 'un-aired' documentary which was supposed to be broadcast in 1994 but, at the last moment was 'pulled'. ...

The story is about a man named Larry King - (not the tv talk show host from CNN) - who was involved in finance and politics - but also - child sexual abuse/slavery/prostitution, where he allegedly got boys and girls from Boystown/Girlstown in Omaha Nebraska and took them to parties etc. for sexual purposes. The adults, mostly men, were said to be people in high positions of government, finance and industry!

There is so much more to this story. https://archive.org/details/SHOCKINGCoverUpConspiracyOfSilenceAbuseInBoysTown

And if you follow that thread, you may come across this tidbit:

Father Powers arranged for [Charles] Manson to be sent to the famous Father Flanagan’s Boys Town near Omaha, Nebraska. The Indianapolis News ran a front page story on March 7, 1949 headlined “Dream Comes True for Lad; He’s Going to Boys Town.” It characterized 14-year-old Manson as a “dead end kid” who was getting a second chance by being sent to the “last chance” haven for wayward boys. “He won everybody over,” the priest said. “The juvenile court judge was completely taken with his personality. He had ability beyond his years to present himself; he was a beautiful kid for his age.”


And https://web.archive.org/web/20201212033158/https://omaha.com/lifestyles/that-time-charles-manson-came-to-boys-town/article_ea1aff1d-60e1-520d-857e-9e6679afa522.html

So it's important to realise that our leaders (and anyone in a position of influence?) is probably compromised or on their way to being compromised.

Thanks for the links, Guy. I agree, that model makes the scamdemic coherent, it's just missing a couple of things: 1. The energy crisis and 2, Timing: It looks to me like They are behind schedule and that a Looter Class of crooks and cretins has replaced the more self-controlled social engineers that planned this transition ie Zbigniew Brzezinski , Kissinger, and the members of the Club of Rome -I'd even include Dick Cheney and George Bush Sr in that list of competents.



As for the energy crisis, we are in it now -the end of cheap oil. Cheap oil (abundant) is necessary to produce/transport/maintain everything we rely on -from food to, to alternative energy infrastructure:

Meanwhile, earlier this month The Financial Times noted that of 500 privately owned oil and gas companies in the U.S., 400 are losing money and unlikely to ever pay back their large debts. According to the Financial Times, the remaining companies are focused on a “last gasp” effort to look profitable to potential buyers in order to “secure a profitable exit.”


Diesel shortages now:



Ok, that's all -whew! Thanks again Guy and xxxx. Have a wonderful day!'

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Hmm... I’ve said for a while now... pedophilia is the end goal here. We need more strong men to stand against this insanity.

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Decriminalize all that but force us to get a covid vax???!

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What bunch of hypocrites! Free to do what you like but must take a shit shot for the corporate boys club fear mongers.

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Look up John Podesta's art. When you have people like this running our countries...the devil is fighting for control.

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Dear God, please help us all survive this dark end of days.

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