If this “stasi” movement by the DOJ and their goons in the FBI continues soon articles like this will be rare and even people viewing this will be afraid. The spying on the American people by all electric devices and social platforms would have been loved by east Germany. Everything we do is monitored. Just say something about buying a new house with your iPhone in your pocket and the next time you open google their will be home selling advertisements. And if a digital currency is put in place freedom as we wanted will be a thing of the past. God help us all

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Good article from Kelleigh. Will be linking it today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Awesome post, thank you for all your hard work.

We need more prayer & to expose evil every chance we get.

We desperately need revival worldwide.

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Oct 5, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

I'll be honest, I'm still shocked how the Germans (& Austrians) , politicians, business & some citizens, overreacted to the Wuflu. Given their Nazi past, it shocked me how quickly & easily they went full totalitarian over the past 3 years... You would have thought...

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Thanks for sharing this. Excellent post by your guest.

This short explanation is simple yet a powerful description of conditions in America and can be used to help those that are still confused or still under the spell via legacy media and big tech.

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Oct 4, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Wow. Wouldn’t it be just totally crazy if Karl Marx, Antifa, the Stasi, The FBI, the DHS, the CDC, Big tech (YouTube, Facebook, google), teachers unions and every other Marxist organization in this country had one common theme?….

I mean, wouldn’t that just be one major coincidence, so outlandish you wouldn’t even be allowed to say it?

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Oct 4, 2022·edited Oct 4, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

People are already but more have to stand up NOW.

PLEASE share Todd's Callender's interview today at:


DOD lawsuit is calling for clarification of PATENTABLE new human species now called: Homo Borg Genesis!!! The decision will happen next month..

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