G.B.H. Diplomatic Immunity


I can speed in my car down the road

I don't have to follow the highway code

The laws which bind you don't bother me

I've got diplomatic immunity

I'm really free

They can't touch me

I've got sanctuary

Diplomatic immunity

I can walk down the street with a gun in my hand

To protect myself from violent gangs

Go into Harrods and steal some jewels

Store detectives look like fools

I killed a girl once just for fun

Then waited for the police to come

They couldn't do a thing

I'm safe inside my wall of red tape

Who is there to hear the call ?

And see the injustice of it all

But who is there the hear the call ?

And see the injustice of it all

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Mar 31, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

God bless you Dr. Mercola. This needs spread far and wide. Bad part is, most people, even if they believe it, don't want to get involved.

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Mar 30, 2022Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Over? It never started!

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my dad tried to warn me about bill gates way back in the late 1980’s... unfortunately i didn’t pay attention then...

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Why all the criminals are still walking free is beyond me.

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The only possible explanation is that all people with any authority to do something are also criminals.

It's what intelligence agencies do: get their evil satanic people in and good people out of any position of power, anywhere.

As Joe Biden once said "some 10-15% of Amercans are just not good people". Simply use the internet to profile these people, put them in the right positions and you'r done.

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Thank you for the response. That number is 'strangely' very similar to what the late Ted Gunderson mentioned in one his famous talks:


"Ted Gunderson Talks About Satanism In The USA"

And when you take the most recent interview in Dr. Arden's show, one can't escape the thought, that all or many at least, who are involved in covid crimes must be somehow also involved the child trafficking crime..

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