In comes Elon and Tucker to take the bad guys down.... have a read , it’s already been prophesied- https://open.substack.com/pub/gods656j4/p/daniel-and-revelation-we-must-view?r=idw8q&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Poor parents need protection as much as their children from predatory rich, smooth talking , powerful people. My parents, white, working class, not stupid, looked up to everyone in a profession and thought when a strange 'posh' man started to show an interest in me, aged 8, playing on the green opposite my house, it was flattering and I was lucky to be given the 'opportunities' he offered. I cannot even today in my 70s tell you what these trips in his car entailed or to where and whom I was taken. Think of Savile's high connections. It ended when I twice hid from him and my parents when the car was sent to collect me. My father suddenly realised it was not what he thought. I do not think he was ever the same from that day.

But poor people are very vulnerable. The parents are scared.

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Leserly -

My sincerest sadness & sorrow to you in what you endured.

I had a Dad who was a rare gem

of discernment. He had an unusual understanding of how men’s (and women’s) hearts could be darkened & do things so vile. He protected me by his wonderful strictness surrounded by his love. He had the keen sense not to allow me to go down a path that would not benefit me, but could harm me. He even saw thru Walt Disney’s witches & satanic garbage - who would have thought? He could see that slippery slope. My parents were the only ones in my life that didn’t embrace all the princess stories & the wizardry & dark magic. (He did appreciate the early tv movies like Daniel Boone, etc). However, he never became enthralled with “the mouse”.

Was it because he had grown up so poor & then went thru the Depression & WWII? Perhaps. All I know is that for my entire life I “KNEW” he loved me enough to set healthy boundaries. I miss him everyday along with my mom.

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Whitney Webb is rock solid. One smart REAL woman to follow.

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

God help us. There's no end to the 'Creep Factor'

of this 'Horror Show'. In watching a special about Epstein

and Ghislaine Maxwell...A friend from the U.K. knowing Maxwell

for virtually their whole lives from 'Private Finishing School' no less

reported about how the Wealthy and Powerful in school always looked

down on and talked poorly about 'Working Class People' and

how it was always just accepted about it being OK to do whatever






SO MANY MORE OF THE POOR than the wealthy Aristocracy

which was really 'THE MAFIA/MOB' and remains so to this day.

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Your friend was right. In the 1950s when I was a working class poor child I was strongly aware of being regarded as beneath contempt by the 'posh' people living around us, as I wrote above. There were exceptions. I believe this continues today and you can see the contempt the King has when people do not get everything right, such as bringing his little gold carriage to the Abbey 5 minutes early. This attitude is rife among the very rich and privileged although not all are like it.

When you, our American cousins, look with horror and disgust at the high handed entitled attitude of the British, please, I beg you, do not think all the British are like that. Throughout history we have been subjected to the cruel, selfish, pitiless behaviour of the 'ruling classes' who ride rough-shod over us, treating us with less respect than their dogs and horses, destroying our land and income, doing whatever they pleased with the bodies of our children. Only a very few would behave well. But the higher their class the more ruthlessly they treated the working class. Please feel for us who have no rights in the face of their egregious greed and horrific appetites for bestiality, and understand that the vast majority of Brits are as horrified by and are victims of what the British aristocracy did and do as you are in the USA. The most incredible thing too, is that every American President as far as I remember, is related to the aristocracy of Europe! I learned this long ago so will check it.

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Oh my gosh, don't know a soul having enmity towards British people. Brits are wonderful and we love the Scots, Irish, Welsh; everybody. Almost 70% of the population of the States, even now with so many here from everywhere, are descended from the British Isles...What isn't there to like. WE KNOW WHAT THE BRITISH HAVE LIVED AND IT'S GENERALLY WHAT MANY OF OUR ANCESTORS LEFT TO GO TO NEW WORLDS FOR...IF NOT FORCED AS INDENTURED SERVANTS, SERFS/SLAVES.

Not all the Presidents were/are biologically related to the descendents of the 'Venetian Black Nobility'...The ancestors of the European Royals and Central Banker Families who are really Mafia. It can be honestly stated of most rising from the Ruling Class...And, many from wealth and influence gained through a single generation. It's possible here if one works hard, is a bit crooked (as a rule), and has a bit of luck...Or, marries wealth.

Snobs live everywhere...Not just Europe. Sad fact of the matter is most are filthy people of Ethical Elasticity; Sociopathic Predators. It's often based upon wealth...But, with Sociopaths it's also about COMPETITION FOR FEELINGS OF MORAL SUPERIORITY. The Upper Crust has historically been SADISTIC as THIS ALLOWS THEM TO FEEL MORAL SUPERIORITY. They're TWISTED from having NO 'GOD-ESTEEM' as deliberate sin and sadism, murder, theft and rape REMOVE 'God-ESTEEM'...And, places feelings of INFERIORITY AND GUILT IN IT'S PLACE. The more inferior they feel, the more horrid they become...It's a MERRY-GO-ROUND which never ends unless somebody makes a choice to get off permanently and gets help and support to make different decisions. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN, AS YOU'RE AWARE.

What I wrote didn't originate with a friend. It was a special documentary I watched about Ghislaine Maxwell as defined by an old friend from their 'Private Finishing School Days' and in University where she ran in pretty racey circles with the Ruling Class Spoiled Kids...As the friend defined them. My particular family is of many nationalities...Including Native American as they arrived on the Mayflower in1620 for a branch. Mom's family on one side arrived in 1809 from Ireland. My Great-Grandmother married a man of English Decent...A Banker, no less. Yes, he did own a Bank in our area associated with the Central Bankers out of NYC and Europe...Which means a part of my family were snobs, I suppose. They were Clerics and Clerks...Educated since God knows when. They kept a Journal and the history from Europe is wrote of in the Journal.

You're correct to report the Brits to suffer from those of the Ruling Class. The U.S. is now saturated with CORRUPTION...Exposing itself since Trump won over the Clinton Crime Family. Though wealthy, he wasn't part of the 'Ruling Class', it would appear.

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Vile perverse human being 🤮😤...

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He had a ranch near Santa Fe I think.

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Thanks for the link.

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The genetic data mining operation and the investment in it terrifies me...how unutterably evil.

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I think what should concern us all is that the Jeffrey Epstein Affair is likely merely a variety of "limited hangout", done in order to distract us; that the trafficking, enslavement and ritual murder of children worldwide has diminished with this, not one little bit.

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