There is Something in the Water

I am an MD with a Masters degree in chemistry. My graduate research paper was on dioxin, particularly 2,3,7,8 Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (2,3,7,8 TCDD). I have several comments specifically on the dioxin matter in the East Palestine derailment, spill and subsequent open burn.

1) The specific chemical reactions that create dioxins are different for every type of dioxin, so it is hyperbolic to assert that everyone in the vast exposure zone will be intoxicated by dioxin.

2) On the opposite side of this, the "controlled burn" was only controlled in the size of the fire, and an open burn of vinly chloride CANNOT control the type of created contaminants, virtually all of which will have varying degrees of toxicity.

3) Different dioxins have different levels of toxicity, with the 2,3,7,8 TCDD the most toxic. This is the version that most people refer to when they say "dioxin", but it is not the most prevalent product in open burn of vinyl chloride, to the best of my knowledge.

4) Even so, if only minute levels of dioxins are released in a burn, the toxicity of the agents is so high that horrible consequences can result.

5) The size of the burn was enormous (as seen from space) and the black cloud produced was a Pandora's Box of dioxins and nearly as toxic non-dioxin chemistry that you will, hopefully, ever see.

6) No-one, to my knowledge, has even begun to approach the actual analysis of the scope and severity of the catastrophe. This is typical in the current la-la-land bureaucracy that passes for a government. Just have the press write more articles to make it go away, and magic!, it's not a problem any more.

7) They don't want to have to mount a response because they no longer have the capacity to. The frank incompetence is what they ignore on one hand, and deny on the other. The widespread denial that our system is collapsing is just a manifestation of the drug addled populace which cannot cope with the hostile realities that we are facing. Voting the bums out will no longer solve anything. There is nobody coming to the rescue.

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🎯 Non Nomen

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FANTASTIC sleuthing! Thanks so much for giving us this gift of the truth. I'll shoot it everywhere. Moss of us know we're being lied to and the truth isn't in them, but it's hard finding uncensored material to prove it. Truth is the only weapon we have against censorship, and lies. Thank you, Lioness.

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Actually, this is not my government. I just live here. The government I voted for was stolen.

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I saw the modeling in your article prior to those recently posted in James Lyon-Wheeler’s substack. Can anyone explain the discrepancy? And the confusion continues. Sigh.

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I read this comments in the article you linked (popularationalism) It makes more sense to me now

Bob: The final image you include is different because it's from a different time frame. The first 3 images represent what was happening after the initial train derailment, around Feb 3rd. The final image is an attempt to track what happened to the particle plume after the burn on Feb 6th, around Feb 8th.

Morocco Blue: Your simulated models occurred on on February 3 but the major black mushroom cloud didn’t occur until the controlled burn the afternoon of February 6. That’s why your images are so different than NOAA’s. Northeastern winds took the particles in the black cloud northeast of the site.

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