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I don't mean to spam your stack, but this poem (author unknown) laments this encroaching digital slavery quite well:

The first to arrive were the cameras

Installed to protect both you and me

In places where we weren't that threatened

And yet the people didn't see

What followed were traffic restrictions

To keep the roads quiet and clean

The math didn't add up, or the science

But still the people didn't see

Next came the 15 minute neighborhoods

Make our lives easier, decreed

To some, it seemed like restrictions

But still the people didn't see

Then came the Digital ID

So convenient, easy and free!

Your life in one chip on a mainframe

And still the people didn't see

The cars they sold were electric

All wired to the government PC

They switched off the driving on Sundays

Yet still the people didn't see

The banks moved their money to digital

The government banned cash the next week

The ability to fly was restricted

Yet still the people didn't see

They linked up your money and profile

To the ID on the government PC

Connected it to social media

Yet still the people didn't see

Then came a new cure, a new virus

Safe and Effective, and free

They linked these jabs to your profile

And connected the government PC

When the people were locked up in cities

Policed by their digital ID

Unable to visit their loved ones

Now finally the people can see

Restricted and tracked with no money,

To go further a permit you'll need

Contained in your digital city

Oh why did the people not see?!

These steps they sold us as progress

Never looked to be quite what they seemed

If you don't ask the questions and protest

Then your children will never know FREE.

If you'd like to hear author reading this go here: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/and-still-the-people-did-not-see

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So frighteningly true. . Thank you for this stark reminder.

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Weak people, requiring Security from every conceivable or imaginary threat Demand that somebody should deliver such "Security". There are always shysters willing to fill that demand...for a price.

"Brave New World" describes the process very well.

Governments, in spite of all their Media Propaganda, are mostly a fraud. Governments' main "Products" are security and stability. They don't deliver either one consistently. In the case of large disasters, governments are impotent, for small disasters they are apathetic. Without accidents insurance companies couldn't justify premiums??

No sane person could accept that monitoring all financial accounts of ordinary people would ever reduce Money Laundering, or that monitoring internet traffic would reduce pedophiles?

But humans demanding of "Security" will endorse every new restriction without question.

And there you have it! "Without Question".......

Through some mental sloth and apathy, we abdicate all our decision-making to an "Authority" which cheats on every deal?

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They have accelerated as more and more people are waking up!

Still scary though

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I’ve really had it with Bill Gates!!!!! Why is he still walking around free after all the innocent people he has killed with his toxic jabs!!!!!! He must be paying all these governments and politicians off!

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This is important. I also wrote about it 10 days ago, but it doesn't look like the problem is receiving the attention it deserves:


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What would be interesting to see is Bill Gates make a trip down to Mexico and South and Central America and have a round table discussion with the Drug Cartels to see how they feel about Digital Currency and come back to report to the people of the United States! That would be interesting! Especially since they deal primarily in cash just like Obama did when he place over a $1B dollars in cash on a pallet and sent it to Iran before he left office! Wonder if the rules for a cashless society apply to these "Dogs"

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How is Hunter going to buy his Coke with Digital Currency; drug dealers don't accept digital currency; how is Joe the potted plant, Mr. Potato head going to take bribes in Digital Currency? How are all politicians and Mafia's going to operate in the Digital Currency world or is that just something that they want to push on us serfs?

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Interesting, I’ll look forward to the consequences.

They are trying to create an elesium world!

Every thing has been speeded up as I’ve been trying to tell people.

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Europe and the European Union lost it's freedom's a long time ago; people in Europe are sheep! They protest openly in the street with good reason; the police have the guns and the citizens are not a threat; a few batons and pepper spray does the trick for protesting citizens, however in the USA we have the 2nd Amendment and plenty of armed citizen's!

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We hungarians did think that the Marxist and fasist thinking end in the socialist era.

But supposedly I see that is not ended the communist past because the European politicans heads did not changed.

They think equal it was in Moscow before 1984. They newer can understand the past commumist conclusions just they are trying to replay this old disk again.

But without Brezsnyev and Gorbacsov not will be a happy end just a termonuclear war in the European jailed gulag.

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Yes, I see the black hole in the brain of the EU policy makers who uncapable to learn consequences from the kommunist USSR history.

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