It's time to charge those pushing the lethal jab for crimes against humanity!

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Can you believe this is happening? This latest call for more booster shots after it's already been admitted they don't work, in fact the opposite , is the most shamelessly embarrassing move imaginable. How are they getting away with it? I'll tell you how. Because we are swimming in oceans of data proving their falsehoods, lies, corruption, harm, and deaths caused and yet we do not have an organized, mass movement to take truth into the streets and turn this around once and for all. Just like old-fashioned revolutions did

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They should say that the poison is to be taken non stop (we knew this will come) till people will drop like flies. What a waste of words, money and time. F***k their "protection", they don't give a frozen onion on anyone.

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Two Months!

The environmental count on Spike Protein must be failing!

Folks, upped my Ivermectin prophylactic dose to every 3 weeks!

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Breaking News: HHS declares Covid booster shots to be just as "safe and effective" as bloodletting by applying leeches to your forearm. (Theodoric of York was unavailable for comment.)

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This is the 4th, iirc, and so Israel is on their 5th now? I gotta think they have some candidates now who are able to host this parasite inside themselves without dying, but we will see. For all we know, every single one of them might be growing that shiz inside their veins. This is my PhD friends summation of it all:

'...bottom line is that the mrna is a gene hack that uses fake genetic material that would otherewise be deleted by the cells. it produces extra vascular wall which then accumulates inside the vascular system. it turns off the ability for the cells to switch things off. ie disregulation. so there is fake vascular walls going inside the vascular system. that's what the clots are. The body just produces an excess cell wall, it conglomerates inside the vascular system. The clots are just clumps of the cell wall that flowed thru the body and joined together.'

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What we need is a commando unit to find and obliterate Schwabs body with as many bullets as it takes to render his body into a heap of undistinguishable pile of garbage.

The world would immediately become a better place.

Gates would be next

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I will NEVER take another vaccine of any type........................NEVER

The Truth About Vaccinations – History and Hoax


Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine Secrets


The Poisoned Needle - Eleanor McBean:




Dr. Andrew Moulden: All Vaccines Cause Ischemia (Impaired Blood Flow) Which Blocks Oxygen Delivery Leading to Chronic Disease






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These people are complete psychos. The global revolution can start ANYTIME NOW

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We got 10 CONvid flyers in our mail today.

“What if COVID-19 comes home for the holidays? Treatment is available. If you tested positive for COVID-19, have a plan.”

I have a plan: 🖕🖕🖕🖕

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"Next Covid strain may be more dangerous than Omicron, study finds"

I wonder, do they admit OmiGod came out of a freezer?

The family tree is totally inconsistent with a wild mutation. Or a white hat quasi-LAV designed to bring the insanity to a close. An ethical bioweapons researcher/manufacturer (AKA virologist/vaccinologist)? Doubt such a unicorn exists. The whole field makes voodoo science seem legitimate.

It was another scarient racked and stacked in advance, and deployed on order to keep the panic alive.

Returning to the 'next' one, we already know some jokers on the US East coast were monkeying in a BSL-2 facility to boost the lethality of the Rona.

Somehow that isn't GoF...

They can keep this up for years, maybe decades., Right now, PeterD is messing with bats under another NIAID to EHA grant.

Every 2-months? People still swallowing the BS narrative almost deserve the SAEs that go along with such an insane decision. What will it take to wake people up?

The really scary thing above is that clearly TPTB feel vindicated in their new approach to pandemics and public health. Since there was no reckoning they will continue to escalate.


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