Evil at work again.

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Many of us see it. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the evil perpetrators from striking again.

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Our own government wants us dead.

Now do you believe us?

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What is the Defense for this type of attack?

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Sure know I am being cooked from the inside out...

Darn 5 G 1500 feet away from my completely paid off home.

😔 Cannot move anywhere with similar square footage without a new mortgage? Soo..

Am slowly being baked alive! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Reuters, in their usual fraud lying, says the Quebec fires were not simulataneous https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-quebec-fires/fact-check-viral-video-of-satellite-images-is-not-evidence-that-quebec-fires-were-orchestrated-attacks-idUSL1N3851GS

Take a look at this article. Then consider how this is INTENTIONAL, high handed arrogance and lying, and consider then where else they are lying.

I know this sounds odd, but as a dual citizen, I have lived in BC, Alberta, ON. and Quebec, as well as in Illinois. I was married in Quebec, and lived in or one block from the Quebec bridge for a decade. I also worked on the Quebec side for a long time. I lived in Alberta and BC for a long time. Then in the US, while I am in IT, I originally started in education, at Univ of Illinois, then one grad degree there, another as Univ of British Columbia. Between contracts, I taught one year at College of DuPage which they cite in the article. I actually took a meteorology course there too, and my older brother has his grad work in meteorology at Iowa State; he also studied under Dr. Reid Bryon, THE most quoted meteorologist in history at his death (the guy who quipped "If climate were a 100 story building, man's contribution would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor" and "I could spit in the ocean and have more effect on the ocean than man's contribution to global warming and C02) This constellation of experiences seems odd, but life is strange like that - I have connections is some very unique ways... but here is the point, and critical:

In its typical, FRAUD-like manner to typical of the fake fact checkers, with their degrees from Pisgy State Univ in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, they claim that the freedom movement says the fires ***started simultaneously, and the people played with the playback speed to show the fires started simultaneously.*** I suspect the Deep State did that to try to discredit the freedom movement, but whatever. Here is what we actually ARE saying, and NOT saying. No, you vile fraud media types, we are NOT saying the fires all started at 3:26 PM ET and 39 seconds. Thanks for your lies in that regard. You people lie so very welll. We ARE saying that the fires all started within a day or two, which of course meets with the Deep State end goals. I did a map of Quebec rural and logging roads (I have driven some of them but not super far north; I DO have friends who have driven all the way to James Bay (Hudson's Bay), and the fires DO map well to, say, a day or two hike in.

We ARE saying that the fires have an arson component to them. Whether is is DEW or not is immaterial. Jacques the Antifa brownshirt with a Zippo lighter works just as well as some high tech weapon. Perhaps some of the fire were natural. But what percent? 5%? 40%? What we DO know is this: The Deep State know it MUST operate in darkness, as it does not have the will of the people behind it, and would be overrun if it got too in-your-face. So everything, as we see with vile Mr. Biden, MUST necessarily have plausible deniability. So... in this case, wait until a dry season, wait until a lightning storm comes through, then add the Antifa/Deep State/fasco-Marxist fuel to the fire by creating a literal man-made firestorm out of a regular fire season. Same thing with Maui - let invasive grasses grow - intentionally or not - then either use a DEW weapon, OR, perhaps, just take advantage of some unusual winds, some accidentally-on-purpose "accidents" (oooops! forgot to turn on the sirens! Ooops, forgot to shut down the power lines in the high winds). The cat is out of the bag where Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta - who is NOT part of the Deep State cabal - and IS aware of facts as the leader of Alberta that you and I don't know, did in fact call out arson. In fact, recently four were arrested for arson in NWT, two more being sought (the brother of my best man was in the RCMP in NWT, and I have some family in Yellowknife). Yes, it IS a hot summer (not as hot as North America was in the 1930s, but what's a little science to a fake fact checker), and dry. But here's the key point: these vile Deep Staters have time. They range their evil far and wide to take targets of opportunity - if not NWT, it could be Newfoundland. If not Minneapolis, then do Maui. If not Georgia, then do Greece. The goal is destabilitization, and any evil port in the storm for these types will do.

So, you see, the frauds at Reuters are doing what you are sworn not to do in a court of law: tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. These frauds at vile Reuters are too smart by half. Don't fall for it. .

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There is no way around it - we are at war. At war with entities in our own government.

It is evident at the environmental, financial and economical, medicinal and food, psychological and physical level.

But it has been a gradual increase over decades and we slowly get acclimated to the abuse. Like being abused by a loved one, we think some of the abuses are our own fault, we rationalize the abusers actions, we believe what we are told, and we always fall for events that appear to prove that everything is ok - only to be hit again. It is a classic case of abuse that we are involved in.

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They will come for us all one day.

It don't matter who you voted for.

It don't matter who you supported.

It only matters if you aren't dead, yet.

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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars ...

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This man has intel he said must get out. Re: children.

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I just published this yesterday. It posits a geopolitical and technological demonstrator dimensions to these strange fires.


"And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men" (Revelation 13:13)

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Dear Lord, deliver us from evil ...

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It took a lot of years for me to realize that creationism was the truth, but when it did it me like a tone of bricks. God is very very real, so is Satan. I think the end game for satan is self sustaining artificial intelligence. I believe it 100% now. Pray people and don’t stop, also there is strength in numbers

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Thank you Gail!

Am following through...

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After 9/11, few people could understand what they saw with their own eyes, the planned demolition of the towers and Bldg 7. As they fell, Dan Rather said on CBS tv, "Looks like a demolition, doesn't it?". Brave man! But few realized what that meant about the cause of their fall. Even with all the research by 9/11 Truth, most people still just can't comprehend that govt would be evil enough to blow up 3,000 people, mostly working Americans, in New York City.

Now we have Canada fires, California fires, and Maui. Survivors say that in Lahaina, up to 1,000 children apparently have disappeared. Yet govt claims that less than 400 of all ages were killed.. Who do you believe: what the survivors say and what the videos show, or the govt?

Looks like govt has been building all those weapons of mass destruction like DEW's and thermite in order to use them on us. We paid for building them with our taxes; now we pay with our lives. What are we going to do about it?

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WTC was taken down (turned to dust) by DEW.

Dr Judy Wood has written a book with the evidence. Search her name on Odysee.

And the youtube channel Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is experimenting and revealing how this is done.

The youtube channel FPV Angel has decoded where it comes from: it's the technology that creates everything here, and destroys. All past civilizations used it and left us the deets in symbols and stories. Vatican/Rome veiled all of it under religious story-telling, and took over the technology that belongs to all of us, to benefit humanity. Since they are evil, they are using it to destroy Life.

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