If that's how these Demons fight, we God-Fearing Gun Wearing American conservative Christians and 2nd amendment obeying citizens have a little surprise for them.

We will not go down without a fight, and we'll fight a lot harder than that.

Frederick Burton

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Its curious how we keep having fires that affect things the average consumers consume, but why don't we start locating these data warehouses and let Climate Change Burn them to the ground too?

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there was another tabletop exercise held last year, attended by Gates, called Catastrophic Contagion, that highlighted a new respiratory enterovirus, to really run thru the young children, to hit Brazil in 2025. Right after this covid exercise ends. Gates planned a decade of vaccines.

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We live in a world post, I dunno, 1930? 1950? Where ID mortality is almost a thing of the past. If that is too strong for people then it at least is no longer the great killer it once was. ID deaths have dropped by 90% and most deaths (80%) are from the MAD diet and diseases of civilization - cancer, cvd, diabetes, dementia.

But that doctor wants to crush people because x disease might spread.

I wonder if she ever asks if the cure is worse than the disease? Would she kill a thousand to save one? If she insane?

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Stunning work, this is incredible. I'm going to link to it in my most recent post. It's so diabolical it feels like it knocked out the senses.

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New BINDING legislation coming;

To protect lives, the economy and future generations from future pandemics, the UK government supports a new legally-binding instrument to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

COVID-19 has demonstrated that no-one is safe until we are all safe, and that effective global cooperation is needed to better protect the UK and other countries around the world from the detrimental health, social and economic impacts of pandemics and other health threats. The UK supports a new international legally-binding instrument as part of a cooperative and comprehensive approach to pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

At a World Health Assembly Special Session in late 2021, the 194 countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed to launch a process to draft and negotiate a new instrument, through the auspices of WHO, to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The negotiating process will be led by member states, including the UK.

The instrument aims to improve how the world prevents, better prepares for, and responds to future disease outbreaks of pandemic potential at national, regional and global level. It would complement the existing international instruments which the UK has already agreed, such as the International Health Regulations. It would promote greater collective action and accountability.

A treaty is an international agreement concluded between States or with international organisations in written form and governed by international law. The UK is party to a large number of multilateral treaties, including many through the United Nations (UN) and its specialised agencies such as the WHO. These instruments reflect obligations states have agreed to enter into to further common goals.

The current target date for agreeing the text of the new instrument is at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Over the next two years the UK aims to work towards building a consensus on how the global community can better prevent, prepare for, and respond to future pandemics and will actively shape, develop and negotiate the text. The new instrument would only be adopted by the World Health Assembly if the text achieves a two-thirds vote of the Health Assembly (Article 19 of the WHO Constitution). The Health Assembly is made up of representatives of WHO Member States.

Once adopted, the instrument would only become binding on the UK if and when the UK accepts (ratifies) it in accordance with its constitutional process. In the UK this requires the treaty to be laid before Parliament for a period of 21 sitting days before the Government can ratify it on behalf of the UK.

The Government always carefully considers whether domestic legislation will be required to implement the UK’s international obligations when negotiating a treaty. Not every treaty requires implementing legislation and it is too early to say if that would apply here. However, in all circumstances, the UK’s ability to exercise its sovereignty would remain unchanged and the UK would remain in control of any future domestic decisions about national restrictions or other measures.

If changes to UK law were considered necessary or appropriate to reflect obligations under the treaty, proposals for domestic legislation would go through the usual Parliamentary process and the UK would not ratify the treaty until domestic measures, agreed by Parliament, were in place.

This process of ratification allows scrutiny by elected representatives of both the treaty and any appropriate domestic legislation in accordance with the UK’s constitutional arrangements. The Government does not consider a referendum is necessary, appropriate or in keeping with precedent for such an agreement.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office


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Thank you for keeping the candle burning. Many of us appreciate you.

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I had covid. Maybe they juiced me with 5G but I had a fever snd it felt like a bioweapon: different from any other flu. My younger friend had it too. Same symptoms. Totally weird. Why do you say there is no virus?

Good find on the document. They sure do plan. I hope to read it later.

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Not sure that it will even take 5 years for them to accomplish their goals. Good article. Will be linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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In Shanghai, they are killing the pets of the people who are in quarantine. https://ussanews.com/2022/04/08/pets-slaughtered-in-shanghai-because-of-covid/

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Dr. Kim looks like a demon. Look at her ugly face, baring her teeth.

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I read parts and skimmed others from the world bank document. Focused on 25 countries (small), but they're taking on a monitoring, health equipment provider, and population tracking role? Gosh, maybe I should pester my local bank to emulate that. Oh, wait... they already monitor us with constant barrages of questions about whether my info is current, what plans do you have coming up (when making a big withdrawal - part of the "know your customer" program, and now they're consolidating accounts so they can provide the conVEEEENience in seeing all your accounts in one place. (Um... you can shut them all down in one fell swoop now, right? And you spent all this money for this new feature... FOR OUR CONVENIENCE??? WOW!)

Given this plan's age, I'd like to see an updated version. The World Bank has been the puppet for many western countries' efforts to inject twisted sexual program acceptances in order to get loans for development and food. I laughed when I saw in Table 2, under risks... "Lack of accountability

measures to ensure that resources supporting COVID-19 activities reach intended health care facilities and beneficiaries." (aka corruption). Table 2 is an interesting list of risks to their program. (see also on page 3-4 the high level risks).

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The one good think about how the US is set up is we have 50 different governments. The Feds struggle to get them all to follow the dictates. ie Florida, Texas and others. This one fact alone will keep us from going full bore China. Not saying it wont be crazy, is just we have somewhat of an advantage.

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