Psychopaths are running the country and with a dementia pedophile dog king president. No worries, Serenity Now... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW_s6EqOxqY

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I think these psychopaths are running the whole world, now.

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Sep 27, 2023·edited Sep 27, 2023

Not sure about the US deploying troops to Ukraine border - several comments on that video saying it is a training video from some time ago. Nothing about it on RT

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Probably not the best video or resource to use, to highlight the serious issue of troop deployment to Europe. As some in the comments noted, the troop deployment happened approximately 7 months ago. Additionally, what you are watching in that video is an exercise or practice insertion - not a deployment (from the US to the European theater) or a jump into an airfield in Ukraine, to fight the Russians.

Of course, this is meant to have the average person, with no military background or experience in such exercises, believe this is troops jumping into a fight. It's not.

The more concerning and real story, at this point, is the protracted presence of U.S. troops, in proximity to this conflict. The initial deployments (for 9 months), are slated to be relieved by subsequent ones, this fall.


Aside from setting up another money laundering operation and ATM for the MIC, these deployments are problematic for other reasons:

1. Ukraine is not a NATO State - so committing our troops, even in a support or re-enforcement presence, is fool hardy at best and instigating at worst. Consider this, if one American soldier is killed by Russian munitions or made to appear to be (yes I am insinuating that it would be staged), the idiot biden regime will jump in with both feet.

For those who think they won't sacrifice their own troops and citizens for the sake of an agenda or media/photo opportunity, just think back to Kabul - Aug 26 - when 13 troops died needlessly and thousands of U.S. passport holders (citizens) were abandoned into the hands of the Taliban , so biden could claim he got the U.S. out of Afghanistan by the 20 year mark.

2. No one ever considers (until after the fact) - the damage done to families and children, when these protracted absences occur. The effects of an absent parent on children is damaging enough, then add in the over the top hyperbole of the regime and fake news and kids pushed to mental and emotional limits, they're not equipped to handle. Never mind the number of marriages, that will fall apart during these deployments.

3. Many have covered the economic pressures this has and will put on our crashing economy. The more money they print, the quicker we speed toward the Venezuela of 2017 - when their citizen were eating zoo animals because there was no food. You can't survive on denial, hubris or inflated national egos.

BTW, I was in the military, deployed many times (including Desert Storm). I also saw the damage I mentioned to families and marriages, firsthand, so I know of what I speak.

I've asked this question before, but it bears repeating. In this Ukraine not war-war, who stands to lose (money, power, control), if peace is sought/negotiated and people stop dying? Additionally, you won't hear any of these profiteers calling for peace, because none of them (or their children) are or will be dying on the battlefields. Lives, like money, are always easier to sacrifice and waste, when they don't come from your family or coffers.

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