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Thanks again, things are really accelerating now. Keep going as long as you can. And when it all comes crashing down, please look after yourself, thanks for the brilliant posts etc. Thanks

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I commend you and all substackers that work tirelessly to share what needs to be known. I rarely donate to writers, however I feel compelled to for the uniqueness of information you share. Please keep up the good work, especially for my friends and family in Canada. Thank you.

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American soldiers being advised to apply for food stamps? Either way, the United States government foots the bill: directly and honestly through the Defense department, or via Health and Human Services.

The con game that's being foisted on Americans is that decreasing the defense budget at the expense of increasing social spending is a zero-sum game. Clever bookkeeping, nothing more. Gee whiz, which political party traditionally favors increasing social spending while minimizing the defense budget? Political spending at Public expense. "Virtue" signaling 101.

The game goes on. Same as it ever was.

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Nice collection!

I doubt that there will be a "civil war." More likely, food riots will be used for justifying martial law, but even the riots will probably need the ex-convict crowds of BLM and Antifa. The troops will be probably from China. Canada is being invaded by foreign troops already:


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We are not done with these killer clot shots. Watch for false flag events this fall and winter to push these clot shots on ALL OF US.

The Governing Criminals Will Come After All Those Not Willing to be Injected, and Will Make Living Very Difficult For All of Us!

By Milan Adams September 12, 2022


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💕💕💕maternal love = most powerful motivator, meow!!!💕💕💕

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