My philosophical thoughts on the Spark of Life:

The Spark of Life - Life Begins at Conception


DrObvious believes the spark seen at conception is the moment the Holy Ghost creates the soul and merges it with the body.

That means that EVERY LIVING CELL contains the soul. What would that hypothesis mean for abortion? How about aborted fetus living fresh never frozen cell lines used in manufacturing and, yuk, food and cosmetics? How about organ transplant?

What about artificial genetic mutation from synthetic genetic material injected? (Doubt the soul is absolutely corrupted because the body has been altered.)

Watch the spark of life at conception and watching that video made that last tumbler click for me: https://youtu.be/wcjb2ywiNiA

These are my impressions and hypotheses. The Spirit is extradimensional. The Soul is literally created during the spark of life at conception by the fusing of the extradimensional Holy Spirit with the physical fertilized egg.

Soul is the fusion of body and Spirit. The Soul is eternal from the point of its creation onward, continuing after the physical body ceases to function.

The power of the message Jesus shares is that we humans really are made in His image, and of precisely the same substance and process by which he chose to manifest to us. We are the divine fusion of the Holy Spirit with the mortal flesh.

There is no living flesh without the divine Spirit entering with the spark of life.

Just writing this down blows my mind again. Another epiphany.

It appears that the Soul is a fusion of Divine Spirit with the physical fertilized embryo.

This is like a strong electromagnetic/chemical/extra dimensional bond that makes the Soul. Maybe it’s similar to a nuclear fusion reaction.

The complex infrastructure laid down at fertilization is the linkage of the maternal and paternal DNA.

Maybe the Divine Spirit is part of the energetic linkage to create the Soul within this unique body.

The Holy Spirit has merged with the physical. That sets off the chain reaction for cell division and differentiation. The Soul is in every living cell of the being.

Knowing enough about embryology to be dangerous, I have learned that at any point in the stage of a baby’s pre birth development, something can go wrong. When it does, the life may not survive to term, or may manifest defects that are either adaptable or fatal.

Now, let’s look at the frantic push to jab pregnant moms and babies and children. They are still growing, still differentiating, developing and maturing.

A shot is developed using aborted live human unborn baby cells, it contains spike messenger RNA that can then reverse mutate the original design.

For quite some time now, it has been my opinion that Satan, the original psychopath, wants to destroy all that God loves and created, especially humanity.

Hence, to corrupt, contaminate, alter, pollute and violate humanity by every means necessary, is the psychopath plan. The minions involved in this on earth have forfeit their soul to demons. They need our prayers to seek redemption. It’s a curse of eternal damnation.

Then another goal the psychopath has had from the time of his fall was to become god.

But the psychopath Satan cannot create; he can only hijack, plagiarize, invert, and defile God’s magnificent creation.

Bottom line: no genetic treatment can be trusted. They may all be the design of the serpent.

You might not have ever seen the old margarine commercial: “ it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”


It just occurred to me that if my impression of the soul being in every living human cell, then every human fetal cell line used in industry and research still contains the original soul of the diabolically sacrificed aborted baby.

I’d like to live in a world that unequivocally prohibited all human fetal cell research and commercialization.

I call it the Human Sacrifice Industrial Network.  

See why I get righteously angry?

Every morning and evening as I pray my Rosary in Latin, I’m backing up a dump truck of concerns and depositing them at Jesus’ feet.  Fixing this mess is well above my flawed human capacity.

Deo Gratias

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I know Christians are not allowed to believe in reincarnation; but it seems to be a much simpler, more intuitively satisfying explanation.

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Not to me. Who would want to bother coming back to this shitshow again anyway!?

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Thanks, great collection.

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