Spot on, as usual.

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You got that right, Vernon.

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I love me some Vernon.

New sentence:

Everyone has got to stop with this Nook Nonsense:


Atomic Bomb Footage Is Fake - Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist - Part3


It's all a hollyweird fantasy STAGE PLAY. Sure radioactive isotopes exist and radiation can be a danger but you can't get the devices to DETONATE. It was all done literally with smoke and mirrors and deception and REALLY GOOD CAMERA WORK with a little Corona Virus Hysteria mixed in to sell it to the Duck & Cover crowd. At most, they can make hy x-plo seive devices that are 'dirty' so that they read well on Le Counter de la Geiger and there is no doubt in my mind that the reason for this Climate Change nonsense is that those radioisotopes are the reason why the atmosphere is burnt off, but as for Nooky Ear Win Turds and things like that - complete fantasy to keep y'all producing the adrenochrome.

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I remember a book that came out in the '70s, "The Jesus Factor" by Edwin Corley. It's a novel that puts forth the idea that nuclear detonations can only be accomplished by stationary devices and that there are no "nuclear bombs" that can be dropped from planes or carried by missiles. It's an interesting idea.

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I had no idea that the stationary stations was novelized. I was told that they 'really do exist'. But then no one has ever gone line by line to refute the exhaustive stuff in the tripod link that says that NO detonation could be accomplished, so I just go with the guy's assessment on tripod that it's all just flash-in-the-pan (to ignore a pun).

I'm sure, however, that they can make whatever falls from the sky or whatever is in miss aisles 'dirty' so that it 'looks' like they delivered what they said.

There are certain 'tells' that demonstrate that we are in an elaborate hoax but the Continuity Department was asleep at the wheel. When they show the too-often repeated 'tests' at Dreamland where the air sucks into the ignition and the blast wave comes out like something breathing in/out, BUT THE CAMERAS MOUNTED ON TELEPHONE POLES DON'T EVEN MOVE OR BLUR, then I just laugh, shrug and walk away. Nice hollyweird fear job but I'm not purchasing a pound of that. Cheers.

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Today's liberalism is basically do-goodism run amok. The perfect Trojan Horse was the virus. You could not be accused of being a racist or some kind of hater since the virus was an invisible amorphous entity. It was the perfect way to virtue signal--you were saving your neighbor by doing all the thing you're supposed to do to prevent contagion: lockdowns, social distancing, masking, vaccination. You could now brag you're a good citizen. Big Pharma used to be the enemy but no more. Now they're the good guys because they invented the magic cure: the vaccine. And not only that, you're now permitted to scapegoat all those you refuse to accept the narrative. An insidious plan that worked much to the dismay of Dr. Coleman and many of us freedom fighters who saw through everything from the beginning.

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Every day I wake up, I am automatically happy - I am content in knowing that I never have to worry for one second about will I develop cancer, a stroke, heart attack, etc. from the shot. If any of those health issues happen to me, oh well, it's just life. And that is the best feeling in the world!

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The Vaccinated

Are Starting To Realize

That Once They Get Sick

They Are Not Going To Get Better.

The Freak-Out Has Begun.


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