Many people are being and will be proved right, including Dr Coleman.

The question is will those that thise that guilty of the coverup face consequences? History has proven they won’t!

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Many of them had to know the Jab was the Bio Weapon of choice to execute the Psyop. Crime of the Century. Some of them KNEW.. absolutely..

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"Some of them KNEW.. " ? 😱💩

I'm Mr. Joe-way-below-average with a worthless music performance degree, who makes his living as a security guard. I've been aware since 2020 that attempts at a coronavirus vaccine have been ongoing since the 1970s, that all of them were abject failures, the usual result being "paradoxical immune response" in which test animals invariably developed severe forms of the disease and died; that the vaunted mRNA "vaccines" are based on a dubious technology and again, in all experiments going back to the early 1990s, the test animals all died. I'm aware that they're untested, unapproved, unlicensed experimental drugs that come under the terms of the Geneva Conventions, The Helsinki Accords and The Nuremberg Code; that administration of these things must have informed consent, otherwise a Crime Against Humanity has been committed which at one time under the terms of The Nuremberg Code carried the death penalty -- but that "informed consent" cannot be given, because there is no safety data.

It took me maybe a couple of weeks of casual on-line research to learn the above.

𝗧𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝗸𝗻𝗲𝘄. 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗻𝗼𝘁❓ 🤔

Every last damned one of them merits the death penalty for what they've done. Their executions must be public and televised. Nothing less is adequate.

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Yes Sir Capt. ! Unacceptable Jessica dialed me up in 2020 along with my own research..

a virus mutates to quickly to ever make a vaccine viable... every time Big Pharma has gone down that Corona virus road it is a DEAD End.. Merck gave up after 5 yrs ..

This Slow Kill Covid Bio Weapon was created in one or more of the Gain of Function labs.. had to be.. might have taken 5+ yrs to refine this formulation? You need one hell of a weapon to pull off a Global Psyop ultimately terminating 20% of the global population..

Like you say maybe a lot more of them knew? That's why we really need Nuremberg...

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Not "a lot." Not "most": They ALL knew, Curt.. From Br. Alexis Bugnolo in July and November, 2021:

💣 "A Stark Warning for Politicians, Journalists and Doctors" - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ieDAFLLvXhbw/

💣 "We are at the Great Separation" - https://www.bitchute.com/video/2Udu97lMClL4/

I'd say the only thing Br. Alexis got wrong was the timetable...

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Might be tad hard to argue that they now know what they did not know a few years back when you consider the constant stream of advertisements encouraging yet another “booster” (here in the US anyway 😡). I honestly believe when these evil creatures are finally held accountable, they will spin a tale of “climate change necessitating population reduction” in an effort to justify their sinister plot. What other “defense” would they possibly be able to conjure?

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Yay, yay, yay Dr, Vernon.

Thanks for the illumination, Lioness!

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And it’s not “hindsight” if you quote what was said back in 2020.

That was foresight.

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Dr. Coleman always touches my heart❤️❤️

Second favorite!

Thx...I found his channel❤️

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Well, then, this is probably why this is happening..... they are ready....mistakes were/are NOT made..... FDA No Longer Requires Animal Testing Before Human Clinical Trials https://thevaccinereaction.org/2024/03/fda-no-longer-requires-animal-testing-before-human-clinical-trials/

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Dr. Coleman is not on my reading list, presently, but the tag line here caught my attention. It's true. There was more than enough information and evidence available even to the public in December 2020 to justify shutting the whole thing down. The technology itself is deeply flawed, as should have been apparent to anyone possessing the knowledge to understand it and who was focused on its possible effects on people rather than on the possibilities for wealth for those promoting it.

I was studying the injections in that same 2020 time frame because I couldn't understand how mRNA could be injected in such a way that it could be transcribed. But I hadn't yet heard of pegylated lipid nanoparticles or pseudo-uracilated mRNA. Once I saw what those things were about, I realized that the technology was like "throwing a monkey wrench [or spanner, if you like] into the works". And I'm not even a biologist. I just recognized it as chaotic, seeing its potential for mayhem.

So that was a good tag line. The problem I see in this post, excerpted from a book, is that it appears to preserve portions of the narrative still being foisted upon the public. The injections are represented as "vaccines". and the adverse events as "side effects". It was deployed before testing could be completed, lacking a "proper" clinical trial . I don't know about you, but I don't believe any of this is true.

So what's going on here? A book promotion, clearly. Diversion of attention, perhaps. I don't know. But it strikes me as peculiar.

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It was known going back into the 19th century that vaccines were vile, a monstrous infliction on a naive public. They should never have been used but the evolutionary lies that underlie the principal of vaccination took hold.

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Yeah, well... 🙄🕳

I remember November 2020, Kevin Flaherty's site, www.cryptogon.com, reporting the results of The Lethal Injection in the UK: Within 24 hours of release, 2 patients reported to Emergency with anaphylactic shock, 4 more, Bell's palsy. Kevin's laconic comment? "That didn't take long."

It also should have been enough to terminate the Lethal Injection, worldwide, right then and there. But the rest as you're all well aware, is history: Continuing media silence and deliberate censorship of any adverse reports on social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Under the original terms of the Nuremberg Code, subsumed in legislation in every country of The West, every last damned individual involved with the Covid Fraudemic and The Lethal Injection merits The Death Penalty for what they've done. Their executions must be public, and televised. Nothing less is adequate.

Instead however, like Tony Fraudci, they garner awards and accolades including the Nobel Prize; honours will be heaped upon them, and eventually they'll die of old age in their sleep, in their own bed, in their own home, untroubled their entire lives by the faintest whisper of conscience over what they've had a part in: The most appalling, the most hideous crime in human history.

Truly, Satan is the lord of this Earth...🤔😱💩

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the list that dr. coleman originally cited in dec 2020 was compiled and presented (and then quickly deleted) from a cdc slideshow three months previously. that list wasn't compiled overnight. it took months of research. somebody at the cdc was quick to flag these AEs and word got around. they knew. some of them, from day one.

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They’re trying hard to remove themselves from the guilt. They can’t, justice will be served when the system has been flushed

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Thank you for the reminder, Dr. Coleman. I live in the USA and have a slightly different perspective, but the overall shape is the same. We were told whatever might encourage us to take the jab. And when that wasn't enough, our rights were taken away.

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Well said. I was listening to Vernon Coleman in 2020 and realised by June that year that all vaccines were pointless at best. I did write to all the cabinet, copied to my MP saying don't waste public money on vaccines. They were warned.


The MRHA is seriously corrupted. June Raine is an evil woman.


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