Mike has done great work relative to the fake pandemic.

But, he is now making us look bad with this innumeracy.

Sure, "Al Gore" climate change is being used for bad purposes.

But consider:


(I met Dr. Bartlett in '78 or '79, when he presented his seminal paper.)





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The Book of Revelation in both chapters 6 and 9 reveal that large swaths of the population will be killed. In Revelation 6, 1/4 of the existing population will die. In Revelation 9, 1/3 of the remaining population will die. This is at the "hand" of pestilence and evil forces. I think we have to remember that not only does the negative spiritual entity known as Lucifer despise and hate man as the image of God made to contain the eternal life force of God, but he receives from any kind of violent or death coming from malicious intent some kind of energy that he and his minions feed upon and desperately need. In the days leading up to the final and concluding battles, they will need much strength to fight against the overwhelming power and knowledge of God. They will not win and they know this but they are hoping to scrounge up enough energy and time to gain a foothold in some kind of loophole which would negate God's ability to establish his son's Kingdom. God's word reveals that there must be undefiled humankind on the Earth as a beachhead, if you will. This Earth was created specifically for mankind and for him to express his Dominion. God of course can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and however he wants but he wants this Earth for his created man. So all of these deaths are an indicator of a need for power by the negative entities and a desire to destroy legal claim to the Earth through man as he was created by God. Sounds crazy to those who do not believe in the God of the Bible. I would share, however, that nothing else explains this Fierce desire to murder all the others in one's own species.

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Some of the greatest theological Minds believe that this Earth was civilized before the Garden of Eden by other human-like creations of God and ruled by Lucifer who is referred to as the prince of the Earth in the Bible. However we are never told when he received that title and it is not granted during the time revealed in the Bible itself so it had to predate the Bible timeline. If this is true, the earth represents a kingdom lost by him and his Rebellion against God to a creature that he despises and considers inferior but which will be far superior in his transformation through the indwelling of the spirit of God. The tragedy is that all those that serve him and think that he is going to provide them with some benefit package for having done so are hated just intensely by him as the others and he will destroy them at will. The only reason that some of mankind will be kept alive will be for sacrifice I would imagine.

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I guess we can honest say we have Stockholm syndrome.

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I respect Dr Mike Yeadon very much. However if they actually want to depopulate then this method doesn't make sense. For one, they're not targeting the actual people who are increasing the population. Developed countries had below-replacement birthrates. Just simply halt migration and the population dwindles. It's the Islamic world and the developing world where women are having 5+ children and multiple wives. So if depopulation is the goal, why not just halt migration and then provide birth control / fertility reduction in the high-birthrate countries? If they are so globally powerful why not do that? As Hitchens argued, raising the status of women with education and careers, providing them birth control and the social license to use it, and giving them the right to choose their own marital partners free from coercion leads almost invariably to dropping birthrates and also raises the standard of living for the community.

Why not just do that? I don't think the depopulation narrative makes sense.

It appears more to me that some corrupt idiots in the military industrial complex have been diversifying into biomedical, came up with some crap product they could make money from selling, didn't test properly

and now can't back down from because otherwise they will go to prison. They can't admit they made an error.

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"If they are so globally powerful why not do that? As Hitchens argued, raising the status of women with education and careers, providing them birth control and the social license to use it, and giving them the right to choose their own marital partners free from coercion leads almost invariably to dropping birthrates and also raises the standard of living for the community." They AREN'T that powerful. They have tried that, but there is too much natural resistance. They do what they CAN DO: DESTROY!

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People are starving to death in the 3rd world due to lockdowns and other disruptions/ de-stabilizations of economy and politics, 80,000,000 more than usual according to the UN in, was it, 2022? The specific attack on the WEST via the vaxxes, war and mismanagement is part of a plan to destroy the resistance to world tyranny inherent in Western Values. Migration from the 3rd world to the remains of the West clears the way for One World Government tyranny as the immigrants (sic) have far reduced respect and expectations for the rule of law and constitutions. Law and constitutions lead to prosperity and "use of natural resources."

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The depopulation as the motive is just an excuse many use today because they can't find another better motive to explain what is going on in the world right now. You may not be old enough to remember how in the 60-ties many experts calculated how many billions of people the earth can feed IF properly managed with its land and food resources. I remember reading anywhere from 50-100 billion people could live comfortably...obviously without the greedy globalists and their perverted worldviews...

Don't buy the depopulation as the motive for the current agenda. Remember that greed never sleeps and the very rich people only want more. That's what keeps them awake at night and that's why they get up in the morning because greed is insatiable...

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I'm plenty old enough to remember. The Club of Rome back then claimed 1.5 Billion or there abouts was what the Earth could carry "sustainably". That is what the ruling class conspiracy said and still says. Whatever you read, though possibly correct, was not accepted by our rulers.

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Guess there won’t be many people in Heaven. God is going to have to send many to the Eternal Lake of Fire. I’m so glad I will be in Heaven. Too sad the Evil ones listen to Satan and choose the wrong road. Eternity is a very LONG time. Living in Heaven is blissful. I choose it over tyranny any day. “Give me Liberty or give me death” I’m so grateful for my America and sad the young are losing it. God asked us not to turn away from him. 🙏

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This is spiritual. The veil is being torn and men's hearts will fail them for fear. Only one answer. Jesus. The Truth The Way The Life. Narrow is the path and few find it. Jesus is the strong tower and the rock that will remain. Celestial objects in motion. The destroyer is coming.

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I think it’s a controlled demolition but will be managed in greater numbers of deaths by all means and vectors

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This carrying capacity stuff is the root of the issue. Although at the moment earth does have the carrying capacity (that's population biology lingo) for our population, that likely won't be the case in the near future. It's not because the population is expanding too rapidly, even if the Club of Rome people and their advocates wave their arms about it from time to time. It has to do with another problem entirely.

It's energy, or rather the lack of it. Right now our glorious technological society runs on oil. However, approximately half of the available oil has already been produced (burned, converted to plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, what have you) and the remainder is going to be less energetic all the time. How long did it take to use that first half of total oil? About 150 years. It's going to take less time to produce the remainder, after which, well, we would have to turn to alternatives. Unfortunately there is no alternative; nothing that would compare to oil in terms of energy provided, anyway.

It's called the Peak Oil hypothesis. The elites know all about it; none better. But they are trying, apparently, to make it seem like it's a non-problem. They don't like to mention it at all. Then if it does get mentioned they come up with specious counter-arguments. One is that oil is not of organic origin (the abiotic oil gambit), which is usually combined with the idea that oil is unlimited in supply. Then they like to trot out "alternatives" such as wind, solar, nuclear, and so on with the idea that these could replace oil and everything will be fine. But it won't be, because all these alternatives are not energetic enough (the EROEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested)) is too low. It's disputed, of course, but if we're looking at good old-fashioned energy rich 20th century life, that was made possible by oil -- where the EROEI was somewhere between 10:1 and 100:1. Those days are over. The alternatives are close to 1:1 -- where the exact values are disputed, as I said. Of course they're disputed. It wouldn't do to admit that most of them are below 1:1 and the remainder barely above 1:1. Because then it would be obvious that we basically don't have any more cheap energy.

Currently oil energy is converted to food which is converted to people. Eight billion. Take the oil out of the equation and there necessarily will be far fewer people. I'm guessing, but I'm wondering whether the elites have run scenarios through their think-tanks to find a solution, and they've fetched-up with two admittedly regrettable but nevertheless realistic alternatives: one where you have 1% surviving, and the other where you have 10% surviving. In order to achieve 10% they probably figure that they themselves have to manage the die-off (so as to maximize their own survivorship). Otherwise you get chaos (chaos is anathema to them) or an Easter Island outcome. That's giving them the benefit of the doubt.

More likely they just want to kill a lot of people for the fun of it, as an expression of their own perverted mentality. The Theory of the Progression of Evil posits that the end point of the process is the desire to annihilate the being of others.

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No. Same propaganda coming from the same people. You've been gaslit. The world is using more energy and fuel than ever. The West has given up its economy to China is all that is happening. Klaus Schwab's whole claim to fame is driving Western financial investment in China. It is why Xi hung the Chinese reform friendship medal on his neck in the great hall in 2018. The end of Western economic output and the rise of China really started accelerated around 2000. What has really shot the West in the foot is the climate change nonsense which has given China a discount on the energy dense resources. Somehow China isn't called out for this by the climate change crazies in the West.




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That's one way of looking at it, but I doubt I'm being gaslit. Who do you think is doing the deception in this regard?

I would agree the world is using more energy and fuel all the time: that's part of the problem. Can our technological society adapt as successfully to a declining energy regime as it did to an expanding energy regime? Probably not. Most people tend to look at current events from a somewhat old-fashioned standpoint (nation states as the principal actors). But in this case we have the power elite above that; they're heavy into banking. And they know that all these National Debts so cleverly magnified by them over the last few centuries are going to lead to ruin -- everyone's ruin. Because in the past the debt could be rolled-over into the future, and the future economy was growing. But as energy becomes more scarce that won't be the case. So they're afraid. They know the remainder of this century is going to be marked by various degrees of chaos, and that's probably why they want to reduce population and limit energy use: so that they themselves have a better chance of surviving. They want to manage things for their own benefit. But I don't think it's going to work. The geophysics is against it.

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Energy is expanding in the world. It is only retracting in Western "civilization"

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Of course, but the conspiracy wants to stop it.

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

The problem they have is Western oligarchs losing control of resource flows. That is why they hate Russia so much. They crashed the unipolar party.

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I pray for patience ... I KNOW!!!!

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I KNOW!!!! I keep saying ... I'm one of the first truthers ...!!!

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There are too many bad actors saying they are in charge. These actors are saying they have a plan. In this case, their actions speak loud and clear. They have a nefarious motive.

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100% true on that! Catherine Austin Fitts 'splains it all eloquently. I guess we kin' say they have ("Zey haf") many raisins to take us out of the big cornflake bowl... $$$ is one (they git ta keep social sec!)--many lil' raisins wieldin' directed energy weapons in the tea, too (that's PROPER-Tea!) cuz proper-tea on Maui is might-tea valuable

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Aug 12, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Finally ! So many people who just a few years ago were quite comfortable in assuming I was crazy are now able to glimpse what's going on, has been. Before, folks were able to dismiss irrefutable evidence of evil. Somehow they managed to completely ignore all the public statements, published declarations telling of all their disgustingly evil plans for the people on our planet.

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Thanks Dr. Mike. & Lioness.

Another layer of the deception, creating the urgency/need for the policies they are pushing down our throats.

Remember: The reason doesn't have to be real.

Because: These people are clinically insane.

But they have crafted levels of narrative for the different layers in the pyramid. To satisfy their flying monkeys and other useful idiots that they are themselves on the right side of history as they go about playing middle management for the cull.

After a century+ of controlling all media, education, science funding (therefore science), and all politicians they have laid the groundwork for this sleepwalk of humanity into totalitarianism. And a mostly peaceful cull for most of us.

Or so they hope.

I think we'll surprise them.

I think it will be their last fatal mistake.

After decades of lulling us to sleep, the Luciferian Monster has made it personal for almost every single one of us.

They have no idea what is coming for them. Soon.

This time we'll do it right.

And our descendants will have true freedom in which to flourish.


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These people really do believe they are "becoming" (in a mystical sense) Gods. Guilty but insane.

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We lack younger generations of true patriots who are informed, this country is now off the rails and there are few if any who will set things straight. We have crossed the Rubicon (passed the point of no return) on 9/11 when invaded by Muslims in NYC flying planes into buildings.. I have seen ongoing decline and the push for socialism since 1978. Few people today have critical thinking skills and even care about their futures or famillies. Nihilism is the masses so called religion. Public schools have ruined generations who don't care about anything other than themselves.

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'9/11 when invaded by Muslims in NYC flying planes into buildings' Really??!!!

You missed that one then ... ! Check it out when you're bored:


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Yes, except that NO planes were flown into ANY bldgs that day; planes can't fly at sea level at 500 mph w/out falling apart in mid-air; planes can't slice through steel beams; & other fun anomalies listed in great detail in WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?

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Wish you would READ the link BEFORE you correct people. I was a 9/11 "Truther" long before you were born! (Well, probably exaggerating here ;) but anyway ). This site marks the FIRST TRUE story in the MSM press about 9/11, and was a TRUE investigation.

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Aug 20, 2023·edited Aug 20, 2023

I DID read it; quibbling about planes is irrelevant when none hit any bldgs; & this "TRUE:" investigation nevertheless {so far|} fails to address the anomalies noted by Dr. Wood. Just sayin'.

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Dear Jill, I AM NOT QUIBBLING. YOU ARE RIGHT (FOR THE SECOND TIME). You don't understand where I'm coming from.

The battle AT THE TIME was to get the real news through to the ordinary American and world public. Judy Woods was not even in the MSM, if she was mentioned it was as a wild conspiracy theorist and her DEW weapons were unheard of much less taken seriously. Yes, WE knew she was right and I still have the sought-after photos of the molten bedrock under Building 6 which was the deepest hole.

I have been trying to tell you something from the beginning: I KNOW all about the (non) planes, but the interesting parts of this article were the photographic analyses. The IMAGE of the plane wasn't was the 767 series it was supposed to be—767-200 N612UA; not 767-300! Eventually the plane, 767-200 N612UA, ended up its days on an airfield in Africa somewhere! Neither of the planes hit the tower! The IMAGE of Flight 175 had lots of other give-away tell-tale signs for "a limited hangout", which the public STILL refused to see!! Was someone on the inside trying to tell us something while being gagged??

These triggers are important TODAY because they help us understand how The People can be blinded by fear and grief, even when truth is right under their noses. OBSERVATION IS KEY. I am making a point about the MSM, NOT ABOUT THE SCIENCE OF THE DAY. Why did this article make it? Because of the Ombudsman, Hero of the newspaper office with a bunch of mutineering newsmen. Read all about it. What happened to the journalistss? They were 'severely' punished with truncated careers. But what was the clever bit? How did they get it through? Read it carefully. By using the same techniques as used under Fascist Dictator Franco: artful writing, suggesting without suggesting, asking questions, expressing 'surprise', etc. It is a marvel of resistance journalism: it was published in Barcelona 22 June 2003. It was the buzz of the city that day. It remains a stellar piece of instructive journalism.

Le Figaro of Paris, France published a notice of Bin Ladin's death in a military hospital in Dubai while on dialysis treatment of fatal kidney disease in Dec 2001. No one in US noticed that one either. It was just a short note, not on the front page.

Then you declared war on Afghanistan —true to your promise in June 2001: 'we will carpet you with gold or with bombs if you stop growing poppies' ... The Taliban TODAY have finally nearly totally banned the production of poppies again, as they wished THEN, and the Chinese are happy NOW to fulfil the smack addict's craving with Fentanyl instead. What goes around comes around. Just sayin' as you would say.

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Remember, the lie is different at every level.

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Thank you Dr Mike Yeadon.

Thank you for questioning everything. Especially the "overpopulation" myth.

Because "overpopulation" has always been a lie.

I've paid attention to this since my teens because everyone was/is parroting "the world is over populated", "too many people" etc and I'd wonder at the collective self species loathing.

The natural trajectory of this belief, if held sincerely, is suicide.

I spent a great deal of my life fighting, writing, speaking and organizing for environmental issues.

2020 came along and suddenly the environment was "winning". Small and then larger successes, and I thought, "Oh my God, wow, finally, but what's going on here?" I'd fought to save old growth trees, wild places, waterways and coastlines from rampant development for decades and never won once.

I was suspicious. After all, the whole world supposedly was in lock down, kinda weird, but maybe this was a start at stopping massive corporate driven development and pollution?

Then came 2021 and the brutal nightmare push to inject all of humanity and every captive animal on the planet with a one size fits all mystery juice and my worst fears of an all encompassing eugenics program in full swing came into sharp focus. After all, I had always been looked at askance because I worked as an environmentalist and had four sons, while my academic colleagues had all gotten vasectomies and hysterectomies in their 20s so as not to "add" to what the eugenics programs had brainwashed them to think was the "problem."

The freaks running the global show were going to save the environment all right, while murdering every human and every captive animal in their path.

We are battling Self-Hatred. It extends to self-species hatred - eugenics, iatrocide and war.

If a person does not feel they are loved by their maker, it is very hard to love themselves and others.

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Ooutlined in Agenda 21 and signed (not "ratified") by 156 countries in Rio de Janeiro June 1992.


Al Gore ETC redefined biodiversity as GENETIC CODES.


The genetic takeover of life on planet earth.

These two young environmental journalists were horrified enough to write a book about it at the time, which is no longer in print.


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Yes, agreed. But my understanding is that the Eugenics program has been around much, much longer. Darwin's book, for instance, published in 1859, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life".

I have never and hope to never pay for a N.Y. Times piece - so haven't been able to read this since it's behind the paywall. Perhaps you can read the first link. The rest are open.






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Aug 15, 2023·edited Aug 15, 2023

Thank you Walter Burnett - and you also!

May God and all of his angels keep you and yours well in Jesus' name.

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