I just saw this article today and I'm posting a link to it. It's by James Dellingpole, who used to be onboard with the whole covid theory and who now sees it for what it is, thanks to those like Dr. Yeadon and Jon Rappaport. it's good reading:


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Twitch is perfectly safe. It's a service mostly for gamers. JJ COUEY'S GIGAOHM PODCAST streams live from here and I've been watching the streams off & on for at least 18 months with no issue. I don't use it for any other reason than to nlisten to him because he is an amazing human in my view. I encourage you to check him out. Peace & Blessings from Detroit!

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100% bioweapon, utilizing influenza as a catalyst

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No, I see it as 100% fraud utilizing the credulous minds of people mesmerized by TV news and other lying media. I suggest you turn off the TV.

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

I'm as cynical as Dr. Yeadon about the politics and financing of the COVID scam, which already smelled quite rotten around March 2020.

However, from a clinical perspective, there was something different about patient signs and symptoms with COVID-era acute illness. We had not seen before what seemed to be a cold/flu that had created such marked 1) loss of oxygen saturation, getting down to 70's - 80's and 2) anosmia / ageusia.

Also, known antivirals, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine worked very well to reverse these and other symptoms. Vitamin D made a huge undeniable difference in outcome. Yes, that would be true for a flu. But the above sign/ symptoms were the peculiar and distinguishing pathognomonic features of COVID illness. Any alternative explanation would have to account for those. Aggressive chemtrails perhaps?

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Are you familiar with Arthur Firstenburg's work? (And his book) the symptoms attributed to so-called COVID (from a virus that has never been isolated, purified, sequenced, or shown to be contagious by infecting another host), are very much like the symptoms of radiation poisoning....

You know, that crazy "cOnSpIrAcY" that we were all censored for questioning back in early 2020.

But there is no "IT" and that is the problem. Because there was no novel pathogen actually discovered, and because there were no gold-standard tests, or proper classifications of symptoms, or really any consistency in the COVID story, the medical industrial complex labeled everything as one thing - giving the appearance of an "IT".

The "IT" is ultimately toxin overload. And there are so many toxins in our environment - where does one begin? In the air, water, food, soil, pharmaceuticals (thats a BIG killer right there), so-called "health" policy's killed people, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness - deaths of despair.... theres toxins in household products, cleaning products, "antibacterials" (aka ANTI-LIFE), lotions, detergents (the skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything it comes in contact with).

But most of all, a new type of frequency was introduced, and rolled out WORLDWIDE, and I think far too many people have brushed this off. EVERYTHING has frequency. And the more we as humans mess with the natural frequencies, the more we see negative impacts. Looking at the significant changes in behavior of animals also gives us a clue.... birds have often been observed as having an impaired sense of direction, large packs of elephants have been observed migrating long distances when they otherwise don't display this sort of behavior.... insects too. Or how about all the reports of mass die-offs of birds & insects? (Birds literally just falling to the ground... dead).

I used to think the frequency thing was crazy. But recently I've started to notice a huge difference when I go back to the office where we have large server rooms and technology everywhere (including a large airport nearby). I get terrible headaches, dizziness, brain fog, my feet swell & turn purple. Its frequency & radiation sickness.

Just a few thoughts from a passionate & curious researcher... but im just a nobody who probably has too much time on my hands.

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Your article is brilliant..I totally concur with your points made. spot on in fact.

Now can you please go make everyone listen !!

Now there’s the challenge

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There are myriad ways they could have sickened people and being bombarded 24x7 by MSM covid fearmongering may have enhanced illness, along with unemployment/business related stress and being locked up in your home. How many flu cases and deaths were reported in 2020 and 2021?

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

An important article. Going to share it far and wide👍

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Kitten awesome cross post 🌞😘

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Thanks Dr Yeadon... the bad sicknesses and side effects all seem to stem from the jab , when I go back in my head and look at dates in the hospital, it started when pregnant women got jabbed . The elderly in the hospital, before the jab rollouts got IV fluids , ended up with fluid overload, intubated and died . The initial insult was fear porn to take the jab...

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There has to be some kind of shedding from the jabs cause the fatigue and headache weren’t the greatest feeling .

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I never understood the concept of a "Covid death." Before all the deaths from the jabs, most of the people who supposedly died from "Covid," were elderly.

Despite the fact that the elderly always have a myriad of pre-existing conditions, it was always "Covid" that was declared to be the catalyst for their deaths.

Even if you believe that there are such things as pathogenic viruses, the usual measure of serious infection was a significant viral load.

But the viral load was never examined in these Covid cases utilizing electron microscopy. Nor were large numbers of people looked at in clinical studies comparing whether the viral load was correlated with actual serious respiratory illness (a corresponding control group was also not utilized).

Instead, a PCR test (which does not measure infection) was used to "confirm" a mere case number. Instead of a real world inquiry, the virologists relied on a computer simulation. Amplified genetic fragments were substituted for the traditional methods of detecting "infection."

Personally I don't even buy the idea pathogenic viruses exist so hence I do not believe anyone has died from "Covid." But if you do believe in it, at least the theory should be properly vetted.

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Your deductions are quite plausible. I lean strongly in your direction. Having worked in communicable diseases in my early nursing years, I looked for the half-life of this germ but strangely the prediction was in the opposite direction; prolonged life. I concluded there was something fishy about this. And ever since, factual information verified my hunch. Thank you for pulling together this analysis, this view. It's most helpful, to say the least.

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Worry Affects the Immune Response to Phobic Fear

"Worry, the cognitive enumeration and anticipation of potential future negative events, is associated with autonomic dysregulation, which may in turn have implications for the immune system. People endorsing high (n = 7) and normal levels of trait worry (n = 8) were briefly exposed to a phobic stimulus and the autonomic and immune responses and recovery were assessed. A time-matched control group (n = 6) was not exposed to any stimulus. Both worry groups showed increased heart rate and skin conductance in response to phobic fear. However, only the normal worry group showed a concomitant increase in natural killer cells in peripheral blood. Patterns of change during the follow-up period suggested that phobic fear had disrupted a normal circadian increase in natural killer cells."


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What if this and all the rest - Ukraine, climate, woke, BLM, all of it - is all part of China and WEF chess match to weaken their most powerful foe before attacking? Why attack when your foe is at it strongest rather than weakened, depleted, frightened and demoralized?

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The below solution has been copied from online at www.bigeye.org/internet.htm

The American crisis is just around the corner. Wall Street's bankers have finally triumphed. Financial vultures, in their rampage for wealth, power, and world control have nearly completely destroyed an imperfect but incredibly free and promising American society. What must we do if we are to survive individually and as a free people?

When a crisis is at hand it is only natural for people to seek a leader who can inspire others willing to shoulder the burden of immediate political change. Americans are blessed because they already possess an extraordinary political structure which can be restored following a "changing of the guard". We need a leader only because individuals who are presently destroying the carefully devised political structure of our nation will never voluntarily relinquish power until they have been identified and exposed. The good news is that THEY ARE FEW IN NUMBER. WE ARE MANY AND WE ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH.

Thanks to the internet, Americans do not need a revolutionary junta, or an armed uprising, or a ballot obliging us to again usher in leadership through corrupt and compromised political parties. To start this process, we need an easily organized online panel to provisionally appoint smart honest people willing to be Replacements. Then We, the People, will know exactly what to do. We are Americans.



The above 150 persons, termed DEPLORABLES, are involved in the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity. Their actions must be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. Un-elected Jewish guys run the show but NOT FOR US. A simple 5-step plan of action takes only a few brave American patriots. The REPLACEMENT PANEL must appoint a first-level team of 30 Patriot DEPUTIES consisting of persons with military and law-enforcement backgrounds.

Each DEPUTY will be assigned only five DEPLORABLES from this list to determine where each can be located, tell them that they are immediately unemployed, and that their services are no longer needed.

Each DEPUTY may appoint as many assistants as desired (preferably persons having military and law-enforcement experience) to perform their duty. Their only authorization for the use of force involves self defense.

Each DEPLORABLE must be given notice that continuing their actions will subject them to arrest by the DEPUTY on behalf of the REPLACEMENT PANEL.

A recap of duties performed will be submitted daily by each DEPUTY to the Replacement Panel. The members of the panel will provide replacements as needed.

Do you want to join to help restore LIBERTY in America? Copy this plan before it is removed. Post on social media.We understand mainline media problems. The ProvisionalReplacement Panel and persons it selects will be listed publicly on the internet. Webmasters and bloggers of alternate news and patriotic websites need to support and promote this concept, placing links on their pages to a PRP website which will list online the traitors scheduled for resignation, together with those selected by our PRP to be their replacementss, if the position is to be refilled. We will not all agree on specific individuals. The more important agreement involves simply telling others about this project.

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The form this solution takes will consist of a two step process. The first step is to accept a small website group, our Provisional Replacement Panel to identify and recruit capable and honest men and women to fill created vacancies. The second step involves requesting the resignation of politicians who broke their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution, and the replacement of a number of unelected persons.

The panel's job of identifying and recruiting a Replacement for each Removable, should the position itself be required, must begin immediately. Once the public list has been completed and the stage is set, so to speak, a leader will emerge, perhaps from the panel itself. The leader we need will emerge when the online list is complete, having been selected by PRP members.

Once Replacements have been selected, recruited, and listed online, a million or more Online Patriots will be invited, on schedules, to visit Washington DC and other areas, the locations of evil world-empire builders and the destroyers of our country. These Online Patriots will be scheduled to locate and request the resignations of specific individuals including politicians who voted for "bailouts", funding of undeclared wars, the Patriot Act, top bankers and their lackeys. They will know who they are and what to expect, having been listed online by our PRP. Added (post-covid): THIS INCLUDES ALL INVOLVED IN THE DEADLY INNOCULATIONS-GENOCIDE WORLDWIDE HORROR.

We do not call for armed revolution. We may have to process a considerable number of citizens arrests of war criminals and of traitors to the Constitution they were sworn to uphold should they not resign as demanded. The panel will target enemies of the American people, especially those within our present government who demonstrate loyalty to, or support, any foreign government. The process of listing Removables and Replacements online should not take more than thirty to sixty days.

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This can be done, thanks to The Power of the Internet, with your help.



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"Why are they focusing on the genesis?" Every possible sidetrack is being thrown out there -- Keep the enemy running around after this or that footprint in the sand. The goal, as in any warfare, is to keep the essence of one's intentions hidden, away from any material scrutiny, that is, any scrutiny that might go beyond mere opining. This buys time. And, if the enemy believes that time is on its side, that dynamic forces (e.g., psychological, nanotechnological, political) have been put in place which on their own will keep the caissons rolling along , such meanderings by opposition forces are the ideal.

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Great argument from Yeadon.

For these and other reasons, I've concluded that the virus as propagandised was indeed fake.

And yet people did get sick. (In 2021 there were no Canadian deaths by flu. In 2019, the typically number died, about 2100 if memory serves me.)

Yeadon doesn't suggest that a possible, and I think likely and even probable cause of the sickness that people did experience was controlled envenomation.

Why: Envenomation is well researched by the CIA, and they experimented on water borne envenomation in the 1970s by envenomating the water of the FBI building undetected. People got sick, and no one figured out why. They know how to do it and have done. (And produced a heart attack gone that uses venom to kill people with very very little chance of detection.) This was publicly disclosed in a congressional hearing in 1975.

Venom is easily made and cheap to procure and is readily available.

It is easily put into the air and water. It is easily controlled and has in most cases antidotes and treatments.

Humans have been officially 'scientifically' researching and producing venoms and synthetic venoms since the 1940sw.

And has the exact same symptoms as covid.

Secondary and more important 'evidence'.

Ivermectin has the same mechanism of action as nicotine to replace venom peptides from the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

Hydroxychloroquine has chlorine, and chlorine is a venom neutralising agent. (Chlorinated water is one of the confounding factors the CIA addressed in their how to manual on envenomation.)

The Zelenko protocol included Zn and Cu. Venom depletes those vital minerals from the body.

In the 2020s French scientists published their findings that covid hospitalisations for smokers were about 5%. For a respiratory infection, this makes no sense. Dr. Ardis researched that anomaly and learned that snake venom has the same symptom profile as covid and that nicotine is an antidote. He and the doctors approached the WHO and other health authorities with their finding. The following week the WHO and the various health authorities announced that 95% of the hospitalisations and deaths were with smokers. 100% lie.

After lying about smokers’ rates of hospitalisation and death, the WHO began a big anti-smoking campaign that has been rolled out around the world. In the middle of a life and death plandemic. For example, I confirmed Canada, New Zealand, for example, announced big anti-smoking campaigns. Australia announced the import ban of liquid nicotine for 2024(?). Vaping products that contained nicotine became suddenly unavailable. And Joe Biden signed a law obligating tobacco growers to remove nicotine from cigarettes. See Tereza Coraggio's ‘Vaping & Snake Venom https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/vaping-and-snake-venom recent stack where she compiles some of this and other thoughts via Saga Hana and other sources.

Things that make you hmmmm.

Some videos to watch, for the curious.

Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters “Watch the Water”


Definition of 'virus' related to snake venom and virility


An early and nice interview. A gentle introduction to envenomation as mechanism of dis-ease. Bryan Ardis snake venom with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


Bryan Ardis covenom19 documentary


Stew Peters extended version of the above with Jonathon Otto

COVENOM-19 Series Vol 1


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My son lives in Italy. During the Covid "crisis", they were not allowed to leave their homes, not even to go for a walk in the park. Could they have been dispersing the "venom"in aerosol form?

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Deffinitely possible look up DrArdisShow.com for his videos, many of the most outspoken researchers/doctors/scientists alike all claim this to be one of the many ways they are poisoning us. It's showering down upon all of life on earth from the chemtrails (jet plane aerosolised toxic version) from 40,000 feet above us - daily, globally for decades now.

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I can't access his site. I'll try on the browser. Chemtrails are constant here in California.

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If you want to pursue an even more puzzling aspect of this, here is a long and totally fascinating argument that the 'plandemic' was actually a cover for a possible pandemic that got started in Australia in early 2019.

Hypothetically Speaking: Dr Dave Collum and John Cullen Discuss The Pandemics, Illusions and NEOs


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Yes, they certainly could have, imo, and as stated by Bryan Aldis and Tau Braun. Venom is much easier to handle than mRNA. And it has a long history of an object of interest by the CIA and other bioweapon proponents. And, sadly, it could well have been distributed in water systems.

As my research continues, I now suspect that this covid action had many fronts and mechanisms. Venom was likely just one, or part of one in combination with other things. I suspect that as well as it being a great fraud, it was actually a giant experiment far beyond just mRNA.

I hope your son is well. (My sister and her daughter were locked down in Canada (Vancouver), although not quite so severely. They were allowed a short walk once a day, and one shopping trip per week. They were both happy to be injected, and saw no violation of their rights to be locked down or with the how the injections were rolled out into the country.)

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My son was forced to take the vaccination and a booster in order to keep his job (jobs are very hard to get in Italy). His girlfriend did not take the shot. They were traumatized by the lockdown--his girlfriend almost always stays home. They did see it as a violation, but there was no choice in Italy as the police roamed the streets, fining people who were out. Very strange, other-worldly.

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Yes, truly the appearance of being otherworldly. Now that I have been digging deeply into this I see that history has had many similar kinds of otherworldly events.

And it is an odd synchronistic timing you commented about this now because I'm writing about my being 'forced' to choose between work and medical choice for my next substack essay. For me I followed my *body-sense* of the injection and chose to give up my work. That was a terrifying experience, giving up the 'normal' life and its expectations.

My love and sympathy go to your son and his wife and you as well. We are all one on the world, and thank you for introducing yourself to me, Lommar. Nice to meet you, or, here in Mexico, 'Mucho gusto.'

All the best, with peace, respect, love and gratitude.

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(Banned)Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

Thank you LionessOfJudah for this article! Always great to hear what big specialists have to say. On my part, have to admit, I listed to Latypova once and never again, like I listed to the discoverer of mRNA injections, Dr. Malone few times, and never again. Why? Not to WASTE my time....

Those who do not want to acknowledge the deep connection between DNA and RNA, the obvious global desire in the criminal covid-times to inject a SYNTHETIC GENETIC material into every human being on this planet, are not telling the whole truth.

Example, the answer to:

"Why for example did they need to insert the sampling sticks right into our sinuses? Was it to maximise non-human genetic sequences?"

is :

all 'covid' positive PCR tests in CA were 'collected' by Chan-Zuckerberg hub for genetic sequencing of the HUMAN GENOME!!! Why would 'they' want to collect such an info??? Why would Obama et al. give out billions for such a projects like Brain Initiative, or the Human Genome Project lead by DOE..???

To realize, to have ones own genetic footprint ERASED, slowly, step by step, with every new injection (which increases the probability of the incorporation of the synthetic genetic material into own stem cells) deliberately, is the biggest challenge of the entire injected humanity.

Go back to your food, and see how the ~30% of the RANDOM genetic sequences were introduced to many crops in order to merge plants with toxic bacteria and viruses in order to sustain the chemical load in these new types of HYBRIDS now fed to the entire world!!!

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