Although I believe graphene oxide is added to the "vaccines", this FDA document is no "proof" at all.

This document released by the FDA is merely a document reporting Pfizer's in vitro TESTING of the spike protein with the same sequence as encoded by their mRNA, but in this case is not even encoded by an mRNA sequence, but by a DNA sequence carried on a DNA vector (the Pfizer spike protein sequence has two proline substitutions compared to the wild type spike protein found in the virus, hence it needed to be tested and compared to wild type spike protein).

They were making this modified spike protein in vitro, from the DNA sequence, purifying this protein, and then applying it to a grid that was overlaid with graphene oxide, with the purpose of making electronmicrographs for examination. This is to compare how this modified spike protein look compared to the wild type spike protein.

So in short, this document released by the FDA provided no proof that graphene oxide was contained, intentionally or unintentionally, in the Pfizer mRNA "vaccines" - even though so much physical evidence provided by many scientists and doctors around the world does point strongly in that direction.

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Check with your own doctor, and this is not medical advice, but you can use N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) at any health food store to help create glutathione; the silymarin in milk thistle - also at your health food store - can also help as it helps the liver. Finally, I have had glutathione via IV. It was about $100 bucks in the Chicago area. Cheap when you consider the alternatives. I'm sure you can just do a web search to find someone local

And if you are still using Google, shame on you. Use Brave at Brave.com, and/or search engines SwissCows, Presearch or Freespoke. **Quit feeding the crocodile that only is planning to eat you later that same afternoon.

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The below solution has been copied from online at www.bigeye.org/internet.htm

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This can be done, thanks to The Power of the Internet, with your help.



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Yes I'm concerned Stew Peters (Malone, Kirsch, etc) are controlled Op to push us down the graphene oxide direction - just as Stew's Plandemic was overly sensational with bigfoot, ridiculous imagery and inaccuracies. An expect statistician warned them of inaccuracies, I forget if it was James Roguski or someone else, they ignored him even though the evidence was clear.

I believe the jabs have different deadly ingredients, not all the same.

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Your cited document says GO is used for analysis, not contained in the injectables. Pablo Campras, when doing Raman Spectroscopy, highly likely fried e.g. sucrose with his laser for 90 seconds instead of applying it for milliseconds, creating charcoal e.g. graphene oxide. I think this nonsensical graphene et al. thing distracts from the fact the whole modRNA "vaccine" platform is severely toxic anyway - unknown site, dose, and duration of production of the protein foreign to the body, and labelling of the cells coerced to express and then present it on their surface as foreign, leading to their destruction by autoimmune attack akin to transplant rejection, thus must be forbidden, not only "vaccines" contaminated with whatever. Finally, I'd prefer a scientific debate over this instead of frightening the populace based on zero scientific evidence like the other side does / did.

Dr. Thomas Binder, MD, Switzerland

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Dr. Robert O. Young was the very first in the US to detect graphene oxide in the jabs

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The GO is used to create a “slide” for electron microscopy in the highlighted excerpt.

Not proof that it is in the jab itself. Could be wrong but that’s how I read it.

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disagree. this is not proof. yet.


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THAT stuff (Graphene) assembles Molecules in the bloodstream - that are only ONE Atom thick - but up to 500 Atoms wide & large, so that German Top Chemist Dr. Andreas Noack called this the deadly "RAZOR-BLADES", that cause the BLOOD-CLOTS that the coroners found in their dead people after vaccination upon AUTOPSY. So in many countries Autopsy's were strictly forbidden for CAMOUFLAGE.


The German SEC (a brutal NAZI-Type SECRET police, not unlike the GeStaPo) "visited" Dr. Noack, to heavily beat him up - and as he continued to WARN "We the People" to take the JABS - he was "visited" a second time & died shortly after . . . !


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Geez, I don’t like the idea that ‘our side’ is going after each other...

We need each & everyone that has seen through this to somewhat stick together.

They want us divided...

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Dr. Ryan Cole was careless/unscientific in his pronouncement that there was no graphene oxide in the shots.

No way should he have made such an absolute statement.

He should have qualified his statement with, "there was no graphene oxide in the vials I tested."

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Well then, when can we get those stupid vaccine commercials off the tv.

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The Doctors Cole and McCollough did not themselves put the graphene oxide into the shots. Nor were they responsible for or expected to look into a microscope and separate out all of the individual ingredients therein. Merely stating that it is/was a "conspiracy theory" is not wrong or evil. It was a theory until proven true and the pharmaceutical companies were conspiring with the federal regulators to hide the facts - as many as they could - from the public.

The need to have people "publicly apologize" for something of this nature does not serve any purpose.

Just be cool, man. Forgive their attempt to move the conversation to the "lane" which they drive in which was early treatment, not what is in the poison shot.

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