This judge is on the right side of history.

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HOPE for Today - thank you GOD ...

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This sounds like good news, and I hope it will end up to be.

The FDA approved "vaccination" through the food supply:


This effectively renders any discussion of past "vaccines" moot; the question is, what's in the latest forms of delivery systems?

Even if some people struggled through 4.8 million pages of documents that are known to have been fake or manipulated, the damage has been done, and it looks like it is continuing to keep harming people, albeit mostly through other delivery channels. Here are a few that were already out in the open in July, 2022:


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"In a decision hailed as a win for transparency by the lawyer representing the plaintiffs (the parents of a child injured by a COVID-19 vaccine) in a lawsuit (pdf) against the FDA"

Lettuce unoccult this fraud, because once seen it cannot fool you again (unless you are so hoplessly zombified that there is no return).

"...hailed as a win..."

Those words have been repeated since I watched the hippie protests in the 1960s.

MEANINGLESS. well... not really, they are meant to decieve by claiming something that doesn't exist.

The hippie sitting on the sidewalk curb holding his bleeding head would say: "We really showed The Man!" The hippies that got out of jail after being arrested for protesting would say: "We made a statement. Our voices where heard."

Worse than meaningless.

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."

The LAWYER claimed a win.

There are three conditions when a lawyer is employed in the courts:

if you are an infant

if you are physical incapable of showing up in court

if you are an idiot.

The judge will literally look at you as you sit there with your 'counsel' they are NOT your Counsel they are RE-PRESENTING you as a present to be sacrificed on the altar of the Whore of Babylon by her acolytes in black robes; to determine: Not an infant. Not physically incapable of 'appearing' (ghosts = the dead 'appear' as apparitions). Therefore YOU MUST BE AN IDIOT.

See how every thread in this fabric falls apart at the slightest touch?

Butt, we're not done!

The child was injured by the vaccine.

That's fraud. So what kind of case was this? Was it a CRIMINAL CASE?

That is the ONLY kind that should have been pursued. Fraud and MURDER (the child's life was definitely shortened by the shot so that is tantamount to a delayed death which is murder) both have NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.

So what was it? A civil action? an injunctive hearing to get the papers released?

Released for WHAT?

The kid is damaged for life. So what difference does it make what the papers - HANDLED BY THE FDA BECAUSE THEY DO NO INDEPENDENT TESTING - written by the DRUG COMPANIES have to say?

They are liars and murderers.

Andy you want their PAPERS?

The world has not 'gone' mad it was quite insane for as long as I have studied history.

UNLESS the lawsuit was a criminal action for fraud, murder, and crimes against the biosphere against the military psychological warfare agency that pretends to protect people's health, then this was just spell cast to put the sheep to sleep by patting them on their curly heads and telling them that things are going to be alright because now you have SOME of the papers.

And I will close with the REALITY that we are in the AGE OF INFORMATION.

A decade ago the internet was so powerful that at terabyte speeds it could process the entire library of Congress with pictures in a few seconds. The EXCUSE that the data couldn't be released in its entirety in a NANOSECOND is an insult to anyone who knows anything about anything. The ENTIRE database could be posted instantaneously.

Anyone who cannot see everything that I revealed in its entirety is beyond hope and moving in lockstep straight towards the knacker who has no reservations about what happens next.


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May 14, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

They are now adding Moderna nanoparticles to local anaesthetic for dentists. The company is Septodont , marketed to n Australia as Lignospan Special

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May 14, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

I saw that. I’ve been warning people but most don’t care.

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Walensky is a murderer of pregnant women and babies.

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And ACOG and Fauci and hospitals and clinics that knew .

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And everyone else who got the clot shot. The courts are only allowing this disclosure now because it’s already too late for any who took the jab. The death toll will rise exponentially from here.

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It's always 'good' to hear someone other than me scream the truth.

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If only people would listen have listened! But it appears that most are completely brainwashed.

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There's a really interesting division line.

There are those who if you say: "Hey! look at the Chemtrails!"

They will kneejerk response without a second's delay: "Those are CONTRAILS!"

That's the sign of a braindead zombie because there was no moment when an organic human mind paused a moment to ask: "What is a Chemtrail?"


Then there's the hysterically blind who are just going along with the crowd because they're scared spitless about what the swarm might do to them if they don't keep their eyes down and their mouths shut.

"Hey! Look at all of those criss-crosses in the sky. I wonder what those are?"

They won't even LOOK UP!

Not fully subsumed by the MK but can never get past the Group Think that is still a form of Mind Control but they aren't clinically coded as Brain Dead.

Then there's Us (extreme minority) who question everything that makes a good target for the Donald Sutherland pointing and screaming to point out the non-pod-people unbodysnatched.

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Fauci is a murderer.

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Actually he's a mass murderer...

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They all are.

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God bless and empower Aaron Siri and that judge. I don’t think such a judgement would be possible in Canada as it would appear that our judiciary has been captured. But I thank God that justice is at least possible in the US thanks to an ethical judge. It’s a small hammer blow against the hull of the Titanic that is the powers to be but it’s a blow nonetheless.

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read my comment in the main section

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thank God for Siri and Pittman. and Del Bigtree

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Yes! It’s the donors to Del Bigtree’s ICAN organization that are funding much of the lawsuits by Siri. I am so glad to be a monthly donor - finally getting some justice is so gratifying!

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If they have already reviewed it carefully enough to act upon it and issue health orders, why cannot it be released without further review??

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Exactly! If Pfizer released it to the FDA in any kind of useable form, all the FDA has to do is turn over a copy. Ridiculous! 2 years is a long time. Look what has happened in the last 2 years! This is a fake win.

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Because the covid vax data were faked and/or suppressed the liability shield for these vaccines will be pierced. PFE and MRNA will be bankrupted☠️ we can only hope.

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Um.. is there a valid reason this information shouldn't be released immediately? Because the only one I can think of is so certain people won't get torn to pieces by an angry mob.

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May 14, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

2025???? Good grief! They are sitting on the data now. Just release it.

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Comrades we can not just admit our Evil Intentions.

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Watching that compilation of shaming from talking heads was brutal.

I don't have a TV so I wasn't swayed by the covid government military psyops.

But...watching those clips...was like watching Joseph Goebbels and Hitler.

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with Stalin and Beria thrown in to = the "kinder & gentlier" USSA. Even Tyrants "Learn" how to "Evolve" to Subjugate/Subdue "better" with "Puppet Dementia Leaders" as their figureheads.

Please Be Pre-pared beyond current realities. All the best.

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Wow! Beria. I've never heard/seen his name mentioned in comments over the years. It was his work on traumatic mind control that was my education into what was, is, and will happen. We were able to view the principles of TMK to see that they are all in play when you enter a Emergency Room (field outpost for a military installation).

- temperature control (they're always freezing)

- sleep deprivation (in ERs - typical wait time is 6 hours - and hospitals the patient/victim is never allowed to sleep)

- food and water restriction (honey, we can't give you any water until the doctor sees you)

- infliction of physical pain (you're already there that's why you showed up to the Project Paperclip outpost)

- uncertainty on whether you will live or die (that's the icing on the cake for something as insidious as a hospital or clinic. what's even more awesomer is when they give you a sentence of cancer and tell you when you are going to fall off the twig. If you don't then they claim their heroic measures saved you. If you dutifully die on time like they told you then there are always more sheep in the corral)


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Gotta get past that pesky 2024 election...

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"If" it #1 Arrives, #2 "If" it's as rigged as 2020 and 2022, Then What???

We are always "Reacting" to the "Prior Actions" of the Deep Statist NWO-USSA. We/Me/You must Set The Agenda.

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Another spot-on assessment.

I was taught by a former Pentagoner that the one in control provokes REACTIONS.

The only way to assume control is to make the other side REACT to you.

No one has a plan.

They don't even understand these basic concepts even if calmly explained to them.

Then, they lack the backbone to do anything about it.

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