Expect the rollout around the election period. As I've mentioned, this digital reserve bank money will happen much quicker than people realize. The test rollouts have caused civil violence, so expect tyrannical methods before the official introduction.

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Phil Davis, you certainly are not wrong: It is my humble opinion that before the 2024 election, the FED/Treasury will point to the new BRICS gold backed currency as a pending threat to the US Dollar as the global reserve currency. And therefore in an emergency declaration by the Biden Administration, the Leviathan will confiscate all of the privately held gold in the US (Think FDR's Executive Order #6102 - Jan. 30, 1934); and then claim to use the people's stolen gold to "collateralize" the new Federal Reserve's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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From what I see, the act of treason and mass murder has been committed against the people by the ngos. They do little for the well-being of the people.

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Just say HELL NO!!

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“Safely share personal data without compromising privacy” Do these people even listen to themselves? Sharing personal data is not consistent with privacy.

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They can stick their digitals someplace.

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I hope you mean that. Til death.

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Sep 11, 2023·edited Sep 11, 2023Liked by Lioness of Judah Ministry

As expected, the rollout/implementation will be much more contracted, than the 2-10 year predictions many were making, just a year ago.

There are a few misconception I think people have about resisting this, especially in overly developed countries - read any Western country where the majority of the population is in debt.

Many will point to some African countries, where the populations rejected CBDC and refused to use it. It works there, because most of their population live lives in or near poverty; live by the barter system and are still largely agrarian and self feeding. They aren't paying off college loans, home loans, car loans, credit card balances and the like.

They also are less likely to have jobs in corporations or institutions, that represent their total ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Contrast that, to almost any over developed Western population, where the loss of a job or the ability to make financial transactions, would devastate the average citizen.

To resist the use of CBDC in Western countries, the individual would need to be prepared for/have planned to successfully deal with the following:

1. Loss of the ability to conduct daily financial transactions - rent/mortgage, utilities, gas for cars, groceries, healthcare, access any savings/investments/institutional financial holdings, car/house repairs and any recreational/entertainment/non-essential spending for goods and services.

2. Eviction due to not being able to pay rent/mortgage.

3. Loss of job as a result of loss of car and home, due to not being able to access banking/funds/pay.

4. Loss of the ability to gain future housing, employment, financing due to number 1, 2 & 3.

Those are just the larger, more obvious considerations.

"How can this be, if we all refuse to use their CBDC??" you may ask.

- Weill first off not ALL will refuse to use it. Just look around you, at those who have been wearing masks for almost 4 years now, as well as those docilly masking up again, as Scamdemic 2.0 is being rolled out.

- Secondly, the global financiers (the likes of Blackrock, Vanguard, et al) will adopt it, as will the federal banks of each country. This in turn, will make the national banks adopt it's use (the institution where your pay is direct deposited). This will then force ALL the companies who have financial accounts with them, to do so as well - so that's pretty much ALL elements of commerce in a nation.

- Third, as a result of the previous two, any individual who has financial dealings with ANY financial institutions, or business (that means credit/ATM cards, bank accounts, direct deposit for pay, rent, mortgage loans, college loans, car loans, shopping, healthcare, etc..) will either have to use CBDC or have planned well enough, to opt out and navigate the consequences I listed above (1-4).

For the last 10 years (but more so in the last 5) I've been telling people to pay off their debt, and live as frugally as possible (so once the debt is paid off, don't make any more). Pay for everything in cash, to avoid carrying a balance. Save your wealth in tangible commodities, not fiat paper or electronic balances.

The reason, if it's not obvious by now, is the more debt you have, the fewer choices you have and the more easily they can control you.

The same goes for your health and the subsequent Scamdemics, that will come over the next 10, 20 or 50 years. The less healthy and strong you are, the easier it will be, for them to make you sick - and as a result - control you.

It's not too late to start planning or preparing for this...now. Many will sit back and say "it's too late" and they will be the ones who are scooped up in the killing nets.

Any efforts you make now, no matter how small they seem, will pay dividend in the near future and beyond.

Resistance is a great thing and should be practiced...but only after the cost/consequences are considered and planned for with clarity and wisdom...WITHOUT the gallon of Hopium, everyone wants to pour down your throat.

Great post.

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have you noticed within the past few months the “upgrades” of all the major retailers’ checkout tech with cameras? not for our benefit.

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I have and well done for noticing the things, they are hiding in plain site.

Understand that every item like that, is a data connection outlet, that can be used for ANY tech purpose, going forward. The camera you see today, is replaced with one that has a digital transmitter next month.

Let's go about 10 years into an AI heavy future. Assuming that graphene nano particles will be used not only to track you, but affect your health...that register camera today, can become a bio transmitter tomorrow. One that sends a signal to trigger a "health condition", because you were identified as a domestic terrorist, for just reading an article that questioned the current regime.

Imagine that capability existing at every point a data cable existed or a wifi connection is made.

It's coming.

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I agree.

Unfortunately very few will or can (as in they've become a slave to the infrastructure). In the same way that people masked and jabbed up, in order not to lose their jobs, because there had been little to no financial preparations made years before, to not be in debt and be at a place where losing a job, would not be a game ender.

The prep is larger picture stuff, dealing with how people live their lives, over decades. It's part of what I mean, when I tell people that the orchestrators play the long game and we only ever play the short game...plan in months years and in rare cases, decades. The mases spend their lives consuming and building debt and they in turn use that debt to control us.

Few will un plug, because they can't or have been made to think they can't and the orchestrators know that, because they planned it that way.

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There is no debt of money, there never has been! All of it is a debt of their worthless fiat currency. Unfortunately, most folks have never had a chance to appreciate the difference or even an education that would turn their world around to a better life. Alternate material currency will arise once these criminal loonies realise their digital currency can only work if the public endorses it. There are actually producers who have already suffered their criminal rot. In any war, there is always a turning point, and that day is coming.

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Become ungovernable. Do Not Comply and make yourself hard to kill. Oh yeah, also stand the F up and fight back.

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G20 can go straight to hell where they belong.

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