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These members are the avant-garde who will make up the NWO government of THE WORLD PRESIDIUM for global governance.

The sovereignty of nations will be non existent soon enough while the United States will be one of the last major Prime Movers guaranteeing the NWO success and last bastion of freedom and liberty which is rapidly being dissolved by the acid of treasonous politicians and bureaucrats. Nothing can happen until the constitution has been completely shredded along with the Bill of Rights but not until both 2nd and 1st Amendment rights are removed in this country.

Since they now control the food supply, the gas and oil you need to drive your vehicles society will be completely at their mercy and caprice. They like Obama NWO Minion they will offer goodies as did Obama with free cell phones to buy the unconditional assurance that he would be President and they would like it. Americans loved to be bribed by their government, while they will be told not to worry, be happy and the sheep will follow the siren song.... while they give you a free supply of 'soma' drugs to numb your feelings as prominently featured in 'Brave New World,' Aldous Huxley's book.


The so called reset from hell is coming and people need to KNOW WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY ARE. THIS THE FUTURE and this is THEIR WAY. It is written.

WHO will be the singular satanic representative?


However be not anxious we know the Master is coming and the story written long ago will be fulfilled. God has NEVER told a lie.

There are FACTS to be believed

COMMANDS to be obeyed

WARNINGS to be heeded

PROMISES to be received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3IUqz10ARE


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Best list of Young Global Leaders I've seen (from inception to the present):


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Thank you for all the links embedded in your well written article! Here is my web site that offers up all the scriptures to understand how this beast system was prophesied long ago:


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Checkout Wikispooks. It is the best source of WEF cultists https://www.wikispooks.com/wiki/World_Economic_Forum

WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow


WEF/Young Global Leaders


WEF/Global Shapers


As an aside 'Creative Class guru" Richard Florida is a WEF shill.


His 2011 book: The Great Reset: How the Post-Crash Economy Will Change the Way We Live and Work


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saw dr oz on the list but am sure this is a scrubbed, partial list ... at least as far as doctors

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Where can I get this book without paying for it. I'd like to know exactly what this madman is saying

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Monsters of our World. Hoping this can get them all put in jail! https://www.grand-jury.net/?fbclid=IwAR1FMRpOTU9_nnnRQwMM4zfIO8AT9yY49DWxEnseutWPSn7shJxAOnybQ-g this can get them all put in jail!

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I so hate to push "Like." There is not one word of it that I liked, but we need to know.

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I am politically naive, but does anyone else think that the US Putin tensions seems contrived?

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I’m glad we’re finally getting to the root of everything that’s been happening for the past two (+) years. All the discussion about inoculations and masks and social distancing were ‘noise’, meant to distract from, or justify what has been happening.

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Thanks for the list. Actually you can go right to their website which I have linked @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Click on Young Global Leadersin the sidebar and click on Community for a searchable database by year since 2016; Also you can click on their Alumni Community as well. Linking your article today!!!

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On Canada's list you may also include :

Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s New Democrats


Andrew Scheer

Leader, Conservative Party of Canada


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